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Almora, a small goofy town in Uttarakhand is known for its mountainous topography and beautiful physical appearance. This town is located in the heart of Kumaon Hills near Ranikhet and Mukteshwar. You might not be aware that Almora is famous as the cultural capital of Kumaon. Besides that, it resided in the 1642 m elevation and led to a comparatively comforting cold atmosphere. Along with that, if we look at its geography, then the two young rivers Suyal and Koshi flow beside the town. Hence, these rivers contribute a lot to making the place look perfect for tourists. Not only rivers, but you will witness the views of the sharp peaks of the Himalayas also from here. 

Last but not least, as per the Himalayan flora and fauna, the Almora has a lot of green area including the forest cover of alpine trees. It was a brief glimpse of this beautiful town from tourist eyes. Let’s understand the destination from all sides so that you can plan your vacations accordingly. 

Almora Weather:

As we mentioned above, Almora has a lot of forest cover, two young rivers and views of Himalayan snow-layered peaks. Now you will be able to imagine the weather. Yes, it usually remains on the colder side. Generally, the temperature in this town lies between -4°C and 29°C. However, the immediate weather conditions also affect the temperature. From a broader view, if you are planning a vacation to a cold place, then you can consider Almora without a second thought. Because it has the perfect weather conditions and natural vision like pine trees etc. 

Almora History: 

Almora town has existed since a long time ago and finds its linkage with several different periods. Firstly, the Mahabharata age that existed approximately the 10th century BCE has some insights, indirectly. Earlier the town was not known as the Almora. There are different interpretations of the name history. Some say it got its name from Bhilmora, while others say it was known as the Alamnagar. Even some say that it was known as Rajapur in earlier times. Mainly the Chand Kings had control over this area in ancient or mediaeval times. They may have played a role in changing the town’s name also. 

Almora Places to visit:

There are various places in the town, that you must visit. Otherwise, you will end up missing the wonderful opportunity to wander in the Kumaon Hills. Here’s the list of all mandatory visit places of Almora. 

Maa Nanda Devi Temple

Maa Nanda Devi is a goddess worshipped among the Hindus Specifically in the Pahadi Culture. The temple of Maa Nanda reflects a strong sense of energy and positivity. It’s a must-visit place for all Devi Sect followers and spiritual people. This temple is located in the Dharanaula area. The temple door for devotees opens at 6 am sharp and closes at 10 P.m. 

Nanda Devi Eco Park 

As the name suggests, it’s an eco-park where you’ll witness a variety of flora and fauna. You’ll get the chance to see so many rare birds there. It would be awesome if you would visit the park with your kids. 

Almora Hills 

Almora Hills is famous for its filmy views and serene atmosphere. Here you should come with your camera because there’ll be a lot of perfect scenic views that you’ll love to capture forever. It would be more joyful if you came here in Sunrise or sunset time. 

Chitai Golu Devta Temple 

The temple of Chitai Golu Devta is one of the most famous temples in the entire Kumaon region. Pilgrims from distant locations come here and offer prayers to God. The temple is mainly known for its manifestation power. So there’s a ritual that whoever has some desire, they write in a paper and hang it here. It’s said that the desires written in letters here get manifested early. 

Kasar Devi Temple 

Kasar Devi temple is another prominent temple of Almora. It’s also dedicated to the Goddess and known for its beautiful surroundings. The people who are inclined towards meditation, like to come here and spend time in this energised complex. Kasar Devi Mandir is located on the Binsar road. 


Lamgara is a hiking area, where adventurous seekers go and spend time. If you are also the one who just likes to walk in the uneven terrain of hills and enjoy the air streams, then you can head towards Lamgara. 

Some other places that you should visit in Almora are mentioned here. 

  • Malla Mahal 
  • Paatal Devi Mandir 
  • Swami Vivekananda Karb stone 
  • Almora Zoo 
  • Jhula Devi Mandir 
  • Sanphia Kasar Ridge 
  • Doli Dana Temple 
  • Katarmal Sun temple 
  • Lala Bazar 

Almora Hotels: 

Almora has enough accommodation options to offer tourists a comfortable stay. No matter what type of stay you like, you’ll get every type of hotel here. There are some resorts and Luxurious Hotels that offer the best amenities to you. If you want the Himalayan views balcony or room then you should stay in these premium high expenditure hotels. Here you’ll get the chance to visualize snow peaks from your room only. 

Besides that, if you are someone who wants to stay in a normal place where you have to pay less, then there are various hotels like that also. You can simply get the locations of these hotels by taking the help of any local there.  

How to reach Almora: 

By Train: 

The Kathgodam Railway station is the nearest working station close to the Almora. It’s located at a distance of 83 Km from the centre of Almora. So wherever you live, book your train tickets to Kathgodam station. Once you reach there, then you can take a taxi to reach. It will take approximately 2.5 hours to reach there from the station. Though there are other railway stations in Uttarakhand, like Haridwar and Rishikesh, they are located at comparatively more distance. So it would be time-saving to come to Kathgodam. 

By flight: 

Pantnagar Airport is the closest airport to Almora town. It’s about 119 km away from the town. So if you want to come by flight then book your air tickets for the Pantnagar Airport. From the exit of the airport, you can book any taxi to reach. 

Distance of Almora from: 

Here we are giving you details of the distance from Almora to nearby cities. 

  • The distance between Almora and Ranikhet is only 46 Km. It will take about 1.5 hours to cover this distance. 
  • Mukteshwar is also close to the Almora and located at a 53 Km distance. If you have come to the Mukteshwar then you can go to the Almora also to explore in only 1.5 hours. 
  • Nainital town, which is beside Mukteshwar is located 65 Km distance from Almora. Nainital is also one of the prominent destinations of Uttarakhand and is known for the Naina Devi Temple
  • Another town Haldwani that’s on the way to Nainital is located 89 Km away from the Almora. 
  • Lastly, Delhi, the capital of India, is located 385 km away from the Almora. These minute details of distance will help you in planning your journey strategically. 


This blog was about the Kumaon town of Almora. Almora is quite famous among tourists and receives a great number of people annually. If you have never visited Almora, then it’s the right time to go for this Uttarakhand town exploration. You can spend your vacations here peacefully amid the splash of the Kaushiki and Suyal rivers. And if you have already visited here then you can think of spending your holidays in the other hill stations of Uttarakhand like Chakrata, Chopta, Mussoorie etc. We hope that you would have found all of the required details about Almora in this blog. But if you are a geek and want to ask something more about tourism, feel free to send us an email. 

Q1. Is there snowfall in Almora? 

A1. You can expect snowfall in Almora in the cold snowy months of December and January. Don’t forget to pack your woollen clothes properly on the Uttarakhand trip. 

Q2. Why is Almora so famous? 

A2. Almora has everything that a nature lover wants in a town. In short, you can meet with the river streams, mountain peak views, forest cover, and Himalayan wildlife around this town. This is why it’s so special from a tourism perspective. 

Q3. Can I see the Himalayas from Almora?

A3. Yes, you can see the Himalayan peaks from the Almora. Most people love to watch these peak views and click so many pictures of them at sunrise or sunset. 

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