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Gartang Gali, the wooden bridge trek, has been on the wishlist of adventurers and wanderers for a long time. The followers of Romanticism felt their manifestations were accepted since it was unlocked for tourists in 2021. It’s settled in the picturesque Valley of Nelong in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand State. The trek of the Gartang Gali is one of the most exciting and action-packed treks of the whole state. Unlike other trekking trails, there is a unique wooden bridge that marks the route and is very close to the Indo-China border. 

These wooden steps have collectively formed a bridge that is as unique as it’s a little risky. However, it is believed that this was built around 150 years ago by the Pathans who came here from Peshawar.  The bridge is made by burying huge iron rods and then laying wood steps over it. It was constructed for trading With Tibet and it cost 64 lakhs at that time. Because of the India-China war in 1962, this place was sealed to the general public but now when it is open, thousands of visitors love to visit here, especially trekkers. 

Gartang Gali trek: 

The trek is a 136-meter cliff-hanging bridge, apparently, a stairway. And it proceeds around 500 meters along the ridge which is elevated at 11,000 feet in the Nelang Valley. Besides that, the rivers Jadh Ganga and Bhagirathi flow very closely. It lets the travellers catch a glimpse of the surrounding beauty of the valley from a wide angle. It also makes you understand the local and traditional life of villagers and how they live in these risky mountain areas.  

The Gartang Gali trek is encircled by breathtaking views of lofty mountains, towering trees, and gushing views of a river flowing along the bridge. The trek would propose multiple opportunities for travellers and nature enthusiasts such as trekking, photography, videography, birdwatching, and so many others. The wooden bridge route of this trek is what appeals to the tourists most. 

If one is seeking to have peace from the bustling of urban life, this place in the lap of the Himalayas can be a perfect escape.  So whenever you have holidays, pack your bags and go to explore the beauty of the region. 

Gartang Gali Uttarakhand Tourism Perspective: 

Gartang Gali Uttarakhand tourism is an excellent way to indulge in the relief features of the earth, know about its importance, and have a better understanding of the topography of the mountain regions. Through the dense forest, this trek entices the public the most and offers a nail-biting view of the Nelong Valley from the ridge. This place has something for everyone whether a geophile, adventurer, or a common man.

According to the sources, the Gartang Gali bridge remains open from 8:00 Am to 5:00 P.m. for trekkers. Wooden bridge is quite challenging so don’t try to visit there alone. It would be better if you trek with a group and avoid visiting after dusk. The best time to visit the Gartang Gali is from May to October. But to be amazed by the pleasant weather of the valley, one must visit during the blooming season. The greenery of the valley will blow your mind. 

Gartang Gali Speciality:

Now, let’s begin with the Speciality of Gartang Gali. The trek can be linked with the time when it was made to develop good relations with Tibet in the business world. This was the Silk Route which was also used for trading Spices, Stoes, tea, gold, and other commodities from Tibet to Uttarkashi, India. If you have gone through the trade relations history, then you would be well familiar with the Silk Route. In earlier times, it was one of the most famous trade routes, so look from that angle and experience the richness of this particular place. 

The exhilarating experience that one gets here is unmatched by any of the wooden bridges that have been built or exist in India. However, due to the protocols that were set here during the coronavirus period, only 10 people are permitted to be on the trail at one time. Before planning your journey, you must go through the current permit protocols. 

Gartang Gali trek beauty: 

Let’s look at the most colourful side of this trek.. You might be thinking that here we are going to tell you about scenic views and all. But no, it’s not like that. So we are desperate to tell you that Gartang Gali is famous for the existence of various kinds of beautiful butterflies. Somewhere the butterflies are the indicator of a pollution-free good ecosystem. You can imagine how wonderful an experience it would be when you’ll trek and colourful butterflies will follow you. If you are a nature enthusiast, then you are going to get immense joy in this trek. 

Some of the butterflies that are mostly found there are dark clouded yellow, Common brimstone, common copper, common wall, blue admiral, Indian cabbage white, Indian tortoiseshell and Himalayan queen fritillary. Besides that, the wonderful brown rocks, clean river, and wooden stairs play the main role in giving Gartang Gali a whole different vibe. 

How to reach Gartang Gali:

You do not need to be worried about how to catch a ride, we have got you covered. There is a functional mode within the Uttarakhand State to reach Gartang Gali. Gartang Gali is 93 km away from the town of Uttarkashi. Some of the transports that you can choose are: 

By Road

What you need to do is reach Harsil first. How to reach Harsil is mentioned in the Harsil blog. Afterwards, the Gartang Gali is only 19 km from the Harsil. You need to move forward from Harsil to Gartang Gali on Uttarkashi Gangotri Road. As you move forward on the Uttarkashi Gangotri Road, you’ll witness Purga, Dharali and Lanka sequentially. Once you move further from Lanka, you’ll reach the Gartang Gali forest check post and then the Bhaironghati Forest check post. Here, the path is a bit zig zag, but you are going to enjoy those challenges. From there, you are almost in the Gartang Gali region, you can follow your fellow travellers and reach your destination easily. 

By Air

Gartang Gali is located in the Uttarkashi district. The Airport that is near the Gartang Gali, Uttarkashi district is in Dehradun, the Jolly Grant Airport which is at a distance of 260 km away. From the exit of the airport, you can find a taxi or a Van to the desired location. 

By Rail 

The nearest railway station to Gartang Gali is  Rishikesh and Haridwar station at a distance of 255 and 278 Km respectively. From the nearest railway station either the one in Haridwar or in Rishikesh, you should move to Harsil first. And the way to reach Gartang Gali from Harsil is mentioned above in detail.

Distances from Major cities of Uttarakhand: 

  • The distance between Haridwar to Gartang Gali is 276 km. 
  • Rishikesh is 258 km away from Gartang Gali. 
  • The distance between Dehradun and Gartang Gali is 235 km. 
  • Gartang Gali is very close to Harsil, which is only 19 km away. And you can trek from Harsil to Gartang Gali in approximately 5 hours. 

Gartang Gali Places to visit: 

Some of the more tempting destinations are here in the Uttarkashi where one can travel and can’t be left behind while voyaging in the town and are also close to the Gartang Gali trek.  

Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Uttarkashi: 

This temple is referred to as a replica of the one that is in Varanasi. This is the most sacred temple of the district and is situated on the back of river Bhagirathi. From the temple premises, you can have a spectacular view of the river and can also relish the air of tranquillity. The religious serenity that the revered shrine tosses is out of the world and one can have a moment of peace for the relaxation of their soul.  

Barsu Village: 

In the middle of the scenic beauty of Uttarkashi district, this village serves as the gateway to the trek of the Dyara Bugyal. It is also the base camp of the trek. Adventure, the local cuisine, and the cultural and traditional customs are some of the activities that are famous in the region. If you want to experience village tourism and explore the authenticity of Uttarakhand, then you should spend some time here. 

Maneri Dam: 

This Dam is built on the Bhagirathi River, located in the Maneri towards the east of the Uttarkashi. The dam is popular for its water activities that involve boating as well. If you like to indulge in such fun shots of activity then you should visit Maneri Dam. However, there are not many options to have fun. But you will love to spend your time in between peace, water and winter. 

Other places to visit around 

  • Devganga waterfall 
  • Kalp Kedar Temple 
  • Jangam Rishi Gufa 
  • Viewpoint Swami Sundranand 
  • Bhagirathi viewpoint 


This blog was about a unique trek. It’s mainly popular because of its wooden bridge. For a long time, this bridge was closed due to security reasons. But now it has been re-opened to visitors. And this news has delighted all of the adventurous souls. Considering that, we have mentioned about this Gartang Gali in detail, so that you can prepare your tour plan accordingly. Besides that, the Travel Acharya team proposes tour packages in Uttarakhand for various beautiful locations like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Harsil Valley etc. In case you are interested in our packages, you can contact us immediately. 


Q1) What is the cost of tickets for the Gartang Gali? 

A1) It costs 150 Rs. per head if you’re a citizen of India and 600 Rs. for foreigners. In short, the ticket price for Gartang Gali is affordable. 

Q2) What is Gartang Gali famous for? 

A2) The trek was earlier closed but is now open to everyone. The wooden bridge of the trek is its speciality. The historical significance of the route also provokes curiosity in the people to come visit it. 

Q3. How long is the Gartang gali trek?

A3. The Gartang Gali trek is about 2-3 Km long. Although, this distance doesn’t feel like a burden because there are beautiful scenic views to enjoy and relish. 

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