Mussoorie (Uttarakhand), the ideal honeymoon hill station surrounded by the whispering beauty of nature, is located in the Dehradun district. Due to being one of the most preferred and attractive hill stations, Mussoorie is famous as the Queen of Hills

It’s located at an altitude of 2005 m from the sea level, and because of that its climate is inclined towards the winters. In simple words, you’ll witness cold and shivering weather in this city. There are so many beautiful points to visit and cherish the special tour moments in this hill station, that your soul will be fully satisfied with the trip experience. So here in this blog, we are unveiling all the necessary details about the Mussoorie Tour from the perspective of a tourist. To grasp wholesome information, keep reading this travel blog till the end. 

How’s the Mussoorie Weather / Climate: 

The Mussoorie Weather gives you the perfect atmospheric conditions for enjoying the trip the most. Being located at the downside of the Garhwal ranges, the environment of the hill station is dominated by the cold temperature. 

Weather in Summer 

During April, May, and June, the average temperature lies between 14°C to 28°C. 

If you are from the plains or southern India and want a Summer escape trip, then it is one of the best hill stations to explore. 

Weather in Winters 

During the winters, from November to February, Mussoorie remains pretty much chilled. The average temperature lies between 10°c to (-2°c). Usually, in the last December and early January, the temperature remains below 5°c. So if you are planning a trip in winter, then you should pack woolen clothes properly.

Snowfall Update in Mussoorie

In the extreme cold months of December and January, The city witnesses heavy snowfall. If you are looking forward to enjoying the snowfall, then plan your Mussoorie trip between the Mid of December to the Mid of January. 

Tip: It’d be great to experience snowfall in the hills with your partner. So book the duo tickets instead of the solo. 

How to reach the Mussoorie 

It’s the most important thing to check before planning the trip. So here is the complete guide to reach Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. 

Nearby Railway Station

Due to its high altitude, Mussoorie does not have a Railway Station, but there’s no need to worry. It’s well accessible from Dehradun (Uttarakhand’s capital) and other cities of the state via road. 

The Mussoorie nearby railway station is the Dehradun Railway Station. It’s only 34 Km away, so you can come to Dehradun by train and then proceed further by taking a Taxi, bus or other similar means. 

Nearby Airport

The nearby Mussoorie Airport is the Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. It’s 61 km from the center of the city. There are various means from the airport exit to Mussoorie. You can easily reach your destination by taking assistance from buses and taxis. 

Tip: Various AC Buses also run between the two, so if you prefer luxury then it’d be the best for you. 

Mussoorie Bus Stand 

The bus stand of Mussoorie is known as the Library Bus Stand, which is located on the Mall Road. You can access the buses for various nearby cities from there. 

Mussoorie Distance Chart 

  1. The Mussoorie to Delhi distance is approximately 299 Km. 
  2. The Mussoorie to Haridwar distance is 83 Km.
  3. The Mussoorie to Dehradun distance is 35 Km. 
  4. The Mussoorie to Rishikesh distance is about 75 Km. 

Mussoorie Hotels Guide: 

The Mussoorie is adaptive to receiving large numbers of tourists in the peak season. There are several hotels, resorts, and villas in the town; you don’t have to face difficulty in finding the perfect one to stay. Most of the hotels are concentrated within the circumference of the Mall Road region. From budget-friendly to luxurious ones, every kind of hotel is available. Although we’ll recommend you to book your hotel online. It will save you from a last-minute hassle. 

Hotels Price Range

  1. Budget Friendly Hotels: Ranges between INR 700 to INR 1500
  • If you are planning a budget-friendly trip, then you should go for hotels of this price range. 
  1. Luxurious Hotels: Ranges between the INR 3000 to INR 7000 
  • If you are attracted towards luxury and want to experience the high-class amenities then there are various high-rated Resorts and Villas in the Mussoorie. 
  1. Moderate Hotels: Ranges between INR 1500 to INR 3000 
  • Most people find moderate Hotels feasible for their stay. Mussoorie has a large number of these kinds of hotels. So you don’t need to worry about your stay. 

Food Hunt in Mussoorie

Having desirable food is an essential part of the trip. Especially if you are a foodie and love to explore food corners and the authentic taste of the town then it becomes more important for you. So considering your food desires we are revealing the traditional cuisines. 

Traditional Cuisines 

  • Chainsoo, a spicy delicious cuisine made of lentils, tastes very nice with rice. You can enjoy it on the lunch table, with the curd and papad. 
  • Aloo Gutkha, a snack made of fried aloo with spicy sprinkles on it is the perfect to have with the evening tea on your hotel balcony. 
  • Phannu, a simple recipe made of various lentils appears perfect to have with the jeera rice in the dinner. 

Street Food 

  • Momo, a very well-known Street food, tastes different in the hilly streets of the town. A touch of Tibetan and Pahadi culture in the Momos is the speciality, you must taste. 
  • Maggi, a noodle that tastes better in the foothills. So don’t forget to enjoy Maggi in the hills of Mussoorie. 
  • Cake and Pastries, if you have a sweet tooth, then you shouldn’t ignore the local bakery exploration. 


Here in this blog, we have tried to give you wholesome knowledge of Mussoorie Tourism. We hope you’ll find this blog helpful for planning the trip for the Queen of Hills. All the necessary details about the stay, meals, and transport are mentioned above in the brief. We recommend you plan the trip with your partner or friends. To know more about the places to visit and the adventure sports available there, visit our blog page on the website. Now what’s stopping you from booking the ticket for the Mussoorie trip? Pack your bags and fly to escape from the hustle of life. 

We are a tour operator company, Travel Acharya, that is working towards making your trip perfect and full of fun. If you have any queries regarding the trip plan; kindly approach us through email or our social media page. We’d love to serve you on your dream trip. 

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