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Discover the Deoria Tal, an ideal location for trekking and nature lovers. All the details of this small soul-enriching trek are mentioned here. 


Deoria Tal, a popular precious lake in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, throws wonderful options in front of tourists. It is located at the 7999 ft altitude, so the atmosphere around the lake is pretty much cold and shivering. It comes under the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Deoria Tal has great tourism significance because of its reflecting nature and the mesmerising scenic beauty around it. If you are planning to explore Uttarakhand then this place must be on your bucket list to visit. That’s why we are introducing you to all the necessary details to reach Deoria Tal and have fun to the fullest. To know everything in brief, keep reading the blog till the end. 

Why is Deoria Tal famous?

The most special thing about the Deoria tal is its behaviour of reflection. Yes, you have heard absolutely right and because of that Deoria Tal is known as a reflecting lake as well. The lake is so clean and crystal clear that you’ll observe the beautiful reflections of Himalayan peaks like Chaukhamba Peak and Bandarpunch range. Along with it, you can observe the kalanag, Kedar range and Nilkantha peaks also in the transparent water of the lake. The reflections of these beautiful snow-covered peaks in the water of the Lake look awesome, and the green lush forest around the lake is the cherry on the cake. The real feel of the Deoria tal can not be expressed in words, it can be felt only. In a nutshell, your fatigue from trekking would seem worth it when you see this rare natural beauty. 

Deoria Tal trek route

The first and foremost thing is to know about the trek route of Deoria Tal. It’s a perfect trek route for beginners because its distance is approximately 4.2 kilometres only. So it becomes very easy to Trek this much distance to the first-time trekkers. Overall you can cover this Deoria trek in 2 hours along with having fun on the way. 

Deoria Tal Trek starting point

The Deoria trek is considered to have started from the Sari village. The distance of the trek is the same as mentioned above. However, some hard-core trekkers begin trekking from the Ukhimath only, but it takes approximately 4 hours to Trek 12 km between Ukhimath and Sari village. So overall if you start from Ukhimath, then it is going to take about 6 to 7 hours. Practically it’s not possible to go enjoy and come in the same day, because it’s not recommended to Trek at night. 

Best way to Trek for Deoria Tal 

If you have planned to Trek from the sari village then there’s no need for extra planning. But in case you have a desire to do adventure and Trek from the Ukhimath then you should begin before 11 am in the day. If you do not waste much time on the way then you’ll reach the Sari village by the evening. Here you should take a night stay, and explore the available things in the sari village. The next morning, you should leave for the Deoria Tal and this is how you will have enough time to enjoy the lake without hustling in the nighttime. 

Know about Deoria Tal’s history

Let’s take a tour of the history of Deoria Tal. So it finds its significance in the Hindu scriptures that are known as Purana. The Purana mentions this place linked to the Mahabharata story. Legends say that Deoria Tal is the same lake where the well-known Yaksha & Yudhisthira Questions and Answers conversation happened. While some other people say that Bheem (one of the Pandavas) had created this lake. Besides these stories, it’s also in the local tales that Deoria tal is the lake where the Devtas used to take baths and that’s why its other name is Indra Sarovar. These were some of the religious cum historical tales about the Deoria tal. However, it’s true that when you reach there, it will be a very unique spiritual experience in that place.

Deoria Tal trek stay guide

You must be aware of the fact that Deoria Tal comes under the protected area in Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. The Wildlife Protection Act 1972 is the statutory law behind the preservation of this beautiful natural place. This is because there are certain provisions that you should follow in the area.

As we have mentioned, the sari village is only 2 to 4 km away from the lake, so you can stay in the sari. Several homestay options at affordable prices are available there, so there is no need to worry about that. Besides that several people also like to camp in the allowed area of Deoria tal and Sari village, so if you also want to enjoy the camping experience then you must go for it. What can be a better place for camping like this, that is surrounded by snowy mountains and deep forests? In addition, there’s no pollution in the air, so you’ll really feel outstanding in that zone of Uttarakhand. 

Deoria Tal temperature update 

Deoria trek is located in the Himalayan lap, so it’s quite obvious that it is dominated by the chilled climate. However, this chilled weather is perfect for enjoying the vacation. In the winter, the temperature fluctuates between 10°C to -10°C. If you are looking for the snowfall moments then it’s the green signal for you. You should go in January month, and there’ll be a high chance of enjoying Deoria tal snowfall. In the summer, the temperature rises a bit but still, it remains cold and shivering. 

Food guide in Deoria Tal trek

How can we forget the food guide, it’s the most important thing to enjoying the adventures. Let me tell you, there are various cosy tea stalls on the Deoria trek. Not only tea stalls, but the region between the sari and lake has some food points also. So whenever you get tired or want some refreshment, the food points are the best to take a break. Having tea and snacks on the Himalayan trails surrounded by cotton-like snow-covered peaks sounds amazing. 

Besides that, you can have a meal in the sari village also. There are a sufficient number of restaurants in the sari. So you should try the rare food of the Himalayan region during your night stay in Sari. 

Things to do in the trek

After reading about the beautiful charisma of Deoria Tal, you might be curious to know all the activities you can do on your trek. So here we are mentioning all of the fun-filled activities that you must experience at least once in your lifetime. 


There are various local business organisers, who offer camping at affordable prices. If you want to experience something different from the ordinary then you must go camping. The moments like bonfire, dinner, sunrise, sunset and the lush greenery will make you feel sizzling during the camp night. 

Sunset Photography 

No doubt, the sunrise and sunset of such beautiful places appear more astonishing. If you are there, then you must not miss those golden hour moments to live and capture on your camera. If you are a photography lover then you should capture the natural whispering beauty of Himalayan peaks and Deoria tal. 

Wildlife Nature 

Deoria Tal is part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, so there are chances for wildlife also. If you have good luck, you can observe the animals drinking water from the lake itself. Other than that, there are high chances of witnessing Musk deer in the area, because Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary is mainly known for the musk deer. If you are a nature lover then you would love these kinds of precious wildlife moments there. 


Everybody knows that Deoria Tal is mainly famous for its trekking trails, so of course you can trek there. Not only trekking but can explore the local flora and fauna of the region.


Q1. What are the nearby places to visit around Deoria tal, Uttarakhand? 

A1. The Mukkumath, Chopta, Ukhimath, Tungnath, Chandrashila and Sari are the closest places, that are worth visiting. All of these places are within a few kilometres range from Deoria tal. 

Q2. What’s the best time to visit the Deoria tal? 

A2. If you want to experience the snowfall then you should go from November to January. Otherwise, it’s good to visit in the February to April months. You should avoid travelling to the region during the monsoon season. 

Q3. What’s the distance between the Chopta Chandrashila trek and to Deoria Tal trek?

A3. The distance between the Chopta Chandrashila trek and the Deoria Tal trek is about 20 kilometres. It would be better if you took the help of a taxi from the Sari village to the Chopta Chandrashila trek. 


Here in this blog, we have shared all the required information for travelling to the Deoria tal. It’s a wonderful tourist spot in the Garhwal range, near Ukhimath that you must visit once. We have mentioned all of the highlights of this small trek, but still, if you have any queries, then you can approach us through our social media page. We are a tour operator company known by the name Travel Acharya, and our aim is to provide assistance with your Uttarakhand trips. So if you want some help regarding your tourn plan and else, kindly visit our website and the packages available there. 

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