Panch Kedar refers to the five holy places dedicated to lord Shiva. These high spiritual shiv teerths seek the historical significance of the Pandavas and the Mahabharata era. Devotees recognize these temples as Kedarnath, Tunganath, Rudranath, Madhmaheshwar, and Kalpeshwarnath. 

All five popular Shiva temples are in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas mountain. 

Sneak Peak of Panch Kedar Package

Here’s a sneak peek of our panch Kedar package. You’ll get a better idea about our vision to make your journey smooth and convenient. 

Beginning of the Trip 

Your beautiful tour will start from Haridwar. You’ll reach Guptkashi from Haridwar via Tilwara on the first day of the trip. It will take about 7 to 8 hours to cover this 220 km distance. After reaching the Guptkashi, we’ll ensure your one-night stay at the hotel. 

Attractions: You will witness the holy Mandakini river at Tilwara on the way to Guptkashi. Another nearby attraction is the ArdhNarishwar Temple. You can enjoy these attractive sites by taking short breaks on your road trip. 

Kedarnath Dham

Another day will bring the good luck of visiting the most famous jyotirlingas and one of the Chhota Char Dhams, i.e. Kedarnath Dham. It’s the most popular of the panch kedars as well.  

  • Kedarnath Dham is located at the highest elevation compared to other temples. The North Indian temple architecture with the imprints of Pahadi art is visualised beautifully in the walls, roof, and art of the temple. 
  • The hump of lord Shiva is the main deity of the temple, which is placed as the jyotirlinga in the middle of the sanctum sanctorum.
  • During the winter, the weather of Kedarnath Dham becomes freezing and unfavorable for tourists. That is why the deity of the temple migrated to the Ukhimath for 6 months of extreme weather. 

Way to reach the Kedarnath Dham

Our Jeep services will make you arrive at Sonprayag from Guptkashi. Afterward, you have to proceed to the Gaurikund with assistance from the local taxi. From Gaurikund onwards, your trekking will be kicked off for the Kedarnath Dham. The distance between the Guptkashi and Kedarnath is about 46 km. Out of which, you’ll cover 30 Km by taxi and the rest of the distance is to be covered by trekking. 

Madhmaheshwar Nath

Madhmaheshwar Nath is also known as one of the lord Shiva panch kedars. It’s believed that the naval and stomach part of the bull form of lord Shiva is placed here. All the Shiva devotees keep the desire to visit this significant temple to experience the divine darshana. 

How will you reach Madhmaheshwar Nath?

You’ll move to the Ransi village on a road trip. On the way, you will visualise the beautiful Himalayan mountain chain covered with snow. Once you reach the Ransi village, your one-night stay will be managed there. You’ll have to Trek about 15-16 km to reach the doorstep of the temple.

Once you get the holy darshana of Bholenath, all of your tiredness will be worth it. There’s enough time for you to enjoy the temple and roam around nearby. You can offer your prayers and Pooja to Madhmaheshwar Nath peacefully without any hustle. 

Tunganath Dham 

The place where the arms of the bull form of lord Shiva fell is recognised as the Tunganath Dham. This Dham is also one of the holy teerths of Lord Shiva (Panch Kedar). Devotees come from across the country to get the darshan of this sacred temple. 

During the winters, when char dham Yatra remains closed, the temple deity is migrated to the Mukkumath.

Way to reach the Tunganath Dham

We’ll make you travel to the Chopta, i.e., nearby Tunganath Dham. When you reach Chopta, your night stay at the camp will be managed according to your preference. The camp night stay in the lap of the Himalayas will be a very unique and heartwarming experience. We’ll try our best to make your camp stay memorable. You’ll get Tunganath Dham Darshan very patiently. Additionally, you will have enough time to enjoy the scenery and offer prayers to the god. 

Rudranath Dham

The face of the bull incarnation of lord Shiva is worshipped as the main deity here. This is one of the important Shiv teerths and retains the significance of Mahabharata history. In the winters, when Char Dham Yatra is closed for the devotees, the Rudranath Dham deity is migrated to the Gopeshwar Dham. 

How will you get there: 

We’ll plan your Rudranath dham journey from Chopta to Rudranath via Sagar Village and Ponar Bugyal. Sagar Village is the nearest to the Rudranath temple. If you prefer, we can arrange a night stay in the Sagar Village for you.

Kalpeshwar Nath Temple 

The hairs of the lord Shiva are worshipped in the holy teerth Kalpeshwarnath dham. It’s also one of the panch Kedars. The Shaivites usually keep the desire to visit all of the panch Kedar teerths. 

Way to reach there: 

You’ll travel to Helang from the Sagar Village. Helang is the nearby Kalpeshwar Nath Temple. So once you reach Helang, you’ll get Darshana shortly. 

Why you need us

The devotees of Lord Shiva who want to visualise the divine darshan of panch Kedar temples visit Uttarakhand and fulfill their spiritual desires. However, due to being located in the upper Himalayas, these temples are always surrounded by the snowy Himalayan geography. The critical geography around the panch Kedar acts as the hurdle for the pilgrims wishing to visit and experience divinity. 

Here comes the role of our team, Travel Acharya. We are a tourism company that works day and night with the aim of providing more and smoother yatras (journeys) to the panch Kedar and other holy places of Uttarakhand. To know in depth about our panch Kedar yatra packages, read our blog till the end. 

Panch Kedar Package

Panch Kedars are situated at a certain distance from each other. Because it is located in a complicated terrain, you need to plan the yatra for these Shiva teerths sincerely. After considering all of the desires of devotees and aspirations of tourists, we have designed the Panch Kedar yatra package. The best thing about our package is the flexibility for customisation. We can customise your trip to Panch Kedars according to your preference of darshana, night stay, and choice of hotels and restaurants. In addition, we will pay attention to your tour duration preference very well. 

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