Uttarkashi, a town that has always been called the “KASHI OF THE NORTH”, is in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It furthermore definitely carries a place in tourist’s “must-visit” list of Uttarakhand and another reason for it being very popular and an often visited place among believers and theists is that it works as a gateway of both Gangotri and Yamunotri Dhams. Even the tourists who come to visit other places than the Char Dhams, also go there to take pleasure in its scenic beauty. It is also known as the motherland of the Multiple Ashrams. 

Intriguing facts

By the way, proceeding ahead, let’s get more divulged into its intriguing facts. 

  • There are a lot of tourism sections in Uttarakhand state, however, Uttarkashi due to its location on a highly elevated area of 8016 sq km, can be phrased and praised as one of the best hill stations. 
  • Also, it is almost the same as the Kashi in the plains of Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and religiously it is believed to be one of the most ancient cities in the entire world. 
  • The rough and rugged terrain of its ground makes it more adventurous and relishing for the trekking- lovers.
  • This rich cultural land also possesses a bunch of ancient temples which, according to Hindu beliefs, contain so much spiritual significance. 
  • The minimum temperature of Uttarkashi fluctuates to 1°-0° sometimes in December, and January and goes up to 11°. The chances of snowfall are high in January so this is the peak time for the place to gain tourism. 

Tourist Attraction: 

There’s so much to see and to appreciate the true essence of nature in the lap of the Himalayas. This small town of Uttarakhand welcomes visitors from all over the world India and abroad as well. 

  • The hiking areas of Darwa Top, Mayali Pass Trek, and Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, are such sites for good trekking for hard-core trekkers and enthusiasts.
  • The undeniable scenic views of the River Ganga with mountains all around, and deep valleys pleasure the hearts of the sight-watchers. 
  • Other than these outlooks, the temple Shree Kashi Vishwanath of Uttarkashi resembles the actual Vishwanath of Kashi and must be visited while on the trip to Uttarakhand.  
  • The other temples of the Mata Kuteti Dev, Shakti Devi temple, give out positive energy to the devotees and fill the air with calmness and serenity as the mountains are always considered the abode of peace of mind. 
  • The sattals (7 tals) are also in Uttarkashi in Harsil. These 7 tals also come under the main places of attraction in Uttarkashi. Ujelji is the place where almost all of the Ashrams are located. 

How to reach the Uttarkashi? 

The major question that emerges among travellers who do not have the proper knowledge about Uttarkashi is how to reach there 

  • The nearest airport that Uttarkashi has is in Dehradun, so one has to travel to the airport by any mode that would be suitable accordingly.
  • The distance from Dehradun to Uttarkashi is approximately around 188km. There are considerable ways of reaching Uttarkashi from Dehradun given below:

By Car: you can hire a taxi or a car that will take you to your destination in 4-5 hours from the route of NH 34. 

By Bike: If you love to ride a bike, and go all through the mountain passages, go for it. The maximum time taking it would be 4 hours and some minutes, however, if you travel continuously. 

By Buses: There is also connectivity between the two by buses as well. 

By Walk: for trekkers, the best route would always be the road, and it would take you around more than a day or 31-32 hours. 


The weather of Uttarkashi as in other hill stations always remains chilly and cold, however, in winter it gets freezy chilliness here, and the temperature goes down to 0-1° at night so the heavy woolen clothes are much needed to be loaded for the journey. 


There are so many hotels, restaurants, and heritages that provide the best packages for the stay. But if you want to have a part in spiritualism and want to drain your soul from inner turmoil, the Ashrams here are always open for the devotees, you can also surrender yourself to social services there as per your wish. 


Q1. What is the best time to visit the Uttarkashi? 

A1. If someone wants to feel the greenery and fresh breezes in Uttarkashi must come to visit from March to November for the best weather in the region. But, for the lovers of snow, it would be the last December to January to witness the snowfall. 

Q2. Are there places to visit other than religious? 

A2. So yes, there are some places that you can explore while in Uttarkashi that would make you plan your full itinerary here only. 

The TSAF based in Jamshedpur runs its training programs here as well as for the people who want to find and search for self-endurance and strength, in the base camps that are located in the Kuflo village. 


We have done our best to find the best routes, stay, and modes for our traveller friends and have guided you well—the much-needed information of the visiting Uttarkashi mentioned above. For more information, come to our websites, you can come easily in contact with us, and we will again as a team https://travelacharya.in/ try to provide you with the best and most detailed information sought. We always focus on furnishing the best knowledge about the places that are a little less favoured among visitors but are a must-visit. Thank you for reading the whole article. I hope we have helped you. 

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