Why is Mana gaon so special from a tourism perspective? Let’s know everything in detail. 

Mana Gaon, a small village located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is famous as the first Village of Bharat. The pilgrims who come to visit Badrinath ( one of the Char Dhams) like to visit this place also. Besides pilgrims, some other tourists who are fond of exploring rare and unique places come and create memorable moments here.

The speciality of Mana Gaon 

The main reason behind its rising tourism significance is its strategic location. It’s situated very close to the Indian-Tibet border at approximately 25-27 Km. Ideally, it’s the first Village in the land of Bharat. It’s on NH-7. Besides, the Alakananda River tributary flows near this hamlet and enhances its beauty. In a nutshell, Mana Gaon is the perfect place to experience the village tourism of Uttarakhand. Therefore, people find it special because of the tag of First Village and love to visit here. 

Calm and Cold Climate of Mana Gaon 

Mana Gaon is located at 10,500 ft. altitude. Consequently, the temperature is very low and results in a cold freezing atmosphere. However, tourists enjoy this low temperature and snow all around. Wherever you see from there, the white snow and low-temperature vegetation are visible. The origin of the Saraswati River is also a few meters from the Mana gaon.

There’s no chaos, no hustle like metro cities. Everything is so silent and peaceful here, that a single night stay can give your soul immense peace and pleasantness for the upcoming many months. You can note my words, it would be a soul-enriching experience. This is one of the genuine reasons, you must visit here and stay a night in this cold and calm village. 

Located Near Badrinath ( one of the Char Dhams) 

Mana Gaon is located only a 4 Km distance from Badrinath Dham. Badrinath Dham is the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and one of the 4 Char Dhams of Bharat. The Hindu devotees signify this Dham is religiously important to visit at least once in a lifetime. Due to its religious significance, many pilgrims keep visiting this site in favorable seasons. So the people who come here, wish to explore other nearby places as well. Here comes our small silent village Mana Gaon. Because it is located at a very short distance from Badrinath, people come here and explore the beauty and authenticity of this village. 

What’s the religious significance of Mana Gaon

As we all know Uttarakhand is popularly known as Dev Bhoomi. A lot of religious tales in Hindi Scriptures had references to different sites located in the land of Uttarakhand. This is why, majorly, all of the places in Uttarakhand are considered holy and people have faith in these sites. Similarly, Mana Gaon had connections with religious tales. It’s believed that when the Pandavas of Dwapar Yuga proceeded for the ultimate salvation i.e. moksha. They went for the heaven swarga passing from this way only where the mana Gaon is located. Other nearby places also had different links with the Pandavas’ stories. This is the exact religious significance of Mana gaon in the Bharat. 

What are the nearby places to visit in Mana Gaon?

The individuals whose soul has linkage with spirituality, love to visit the places with historical and religious significance. Besides it, the people who enjoy the serenity of mountains and cold atmosphere enjoy roaming in the snowy streets of interior Uttarakhand.

So here we are mentioning some of the best places nearby Mana gaon, which are worth visiting. All of these places are located within walking distance of each other, so you don’t need to be worried about transport and all. 

  • Ved Vyas Cave 

It’s a cave in Mana gaon, which is preferred to visit by Hindu devotees. Ved Vyas was a sage in Dwapar Yuga. It’s believed that he has created all of the Vedas, Puranas, and many other significant Hindu scriptures. The most interesting thing is that legends say, Ved Vyas ji has written all of the above-mentioned holy books here only. In other words, this is the exact cave where Ved Vyas Ji lived and did the creation. 

  • Bheem Pul 

Bheem Pul is one of the sites in Mana gaon that is visited by tourists. Bheem Pul is also related to the story of Pandavas. The story behind this Bheem pul is that the Bheema, one of the five brothers (Pandavas) had placed a stone here to create the bridge for passing from here towards heaven. Therefore people find this place interesting and come here to visualise this site. 

  • Shree Ganesh Gufa

Shree Ganesh Gufa is also a religious site located in the Mana Gaon. The people who explore Mana gaon come here also. This place is within walking distance from Mana Gaon, so you can visit this cave without getting tired. 

  • Tripur Bala Sundri Mandir

This temple is located very close to the Bheem Pul. So if you go to the Bheem pul, then do not skip this nearby small temple. It is one of the few temples at the highest altitude and close to the Indian-Tibet border. If you are a true wanderer, then you can’t stop yourself from visiting all of these small spots located in critical but wandering terrain. 

What are the activities to do in Mana Gaon 

  • Trekking

There are some of the best trekking trails of high altitude from Mana Gaon. If you are a person with an adventurous spirit, you must go on hiking or trekking from here onwards. Trekking on trails of the Himalayas and enjoying the mesmerizing view of mountain peaks will refresh your body and heart to the fullest. 

  • Shopping

Mainly the Bhotia tribes live in the Mana gaon and they are deeply indulged in the handicrafts and woollen business. If you are fond of shopping and collecting antiques then you must explore the local artisans and handicrafts. 

  • Photography

Those individuals, whose passion is capturing natural scenic beauty on their cameras can take advantage of this heavenly place on the earth. If you have an interest in photography then please bring your camera here and capture the breathtaking moments. It would be best if you come here at sunrise and lock the golden snaps in golden hour. 


Mana Gaon is worth visiting. If you are planning to go on Char Dham Yatra then cover mana gaon also. It’s very close to Badrinath Dham. There are various char dham Yatra packages mentioned on our website. Our team https://travelacharya.in/ has expertise in holding the hands of tourists and making their char dham Yatra memorable. Not only char dham, we provide services to other destinations also. Besides, if you want to know something else about the Mana gaon or other nearby places, kindly connect with us through email or social media page. 

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