Barkot is a small, peaceful Hamlet in the lap of the Himalayan range, where you can relax, breathe, and experience the divine serenity of Mother Nature. This town is located in the Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand state. The elevation of 4000 ft is enough to describe its weather and topography. 

The focal significance of Barkot is its strategic location on the way to Yamunotri (one of the Chhota Char Dhams). Usually, the pilgrims going to the Yamunotri temple take a one-night break here and find this spot very refreshing. Therefore, after considering all the tourists’ expectations, we are introducing you to this beautiful place, Barkot, and we are confident that this hamlet will satisfy your wanderlust to the fullest. To know everything about the place, read the blog till the end. 

Why tourists are attracted towards Barkot: 

Exploring authentic Uttarakhand:

As we already mentioned, Barkot is situated on the way to Yamunotri Temple. The tired pilgrims who want to relax and take a break prefer to stay there. From a tourist’s perspective, it’s a typical mountain town where you’ll feel the natural aura of Pahari culture. Local cuisines, markets, various art forms, languages and accents would appear unique from the rest of India with a special touch of nomadic and Tibetan traditions. In a nutshell, it’s a perfect spot for those who love exploring the authentic hamlets of Bharat.

Scenic Beauty:

Besides that, the beautiful location of this place between the snowy mountain peaks and the holy Yamuna River enhances its charm more among outsiders. The Bandarpoonch peak from where the Yamuna River originates and flows down is visible from the Barkot. Yes, Yamuna Ji flows near the town and solidifies the entire area with its spiritual energies. These details specify the speciality of this town. So usually the tourists who are fond of nature photography, scenic views, peaceful environment and desire a calm escape from the hectic life, prefer to stay in this silent town. 

Adventurous Zeal: 

What can be a better spot than a town between mountain ranges for those whose heart beats on adventures? The trekking trails, bank of Yamuna, apple orchards, chilled breezes, and humid atmosphere make Barkot a perfect adventurous destination. A lot of pilgrims go on Trek from there and keep roaming in the peaceful trails.

How to reach the Barkot: 

There’s proper connectivity by road with the other main cities of Uttarakhand. In detail, Dehradun, Tehri, Mussoorie, Rishikesh and Uttarkashi are well connected with the Barkot. So you can reach the town easily from any of these cities by private or public four-wheelers. Enough tourist buses and local taxis are available from all the towns mentioned above, so you don’t have to face challenges to get there. Although we recommend you book the online ticket for Yamunotri via Barkot with a one-night stay, it will save you from last-minute hustle. 

By Train: 

Barkot is located at a high elevation, so due to critical terrain, train services are not accessible till the last step. But you can come to the nearest railway station by train. The Dehradun and Rishikesh railway stations are located at 136Km and 160 Km distance, respectively. Once you reach any of these railway stations, you should proceed further by Taxi or Bus. 

By Road: 

  • The distance between Yamunotri and Barkot is 46 Km by road and about 32 km by air. The Barkot to Yamunotri taxi services are available in both modes (one-way and round-trip). 
  • The Uttarkashi is approximately 82 km from the Barkot, and taxis are available between the destinations. 

By Flight 

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is at 152 Km distance. You will easily find taxi services to Barkot from outside the airport. 

Major Activities to Indulge in Barkot

  • Bandarpunch Peak: Enjoying the scenic view of Bandarpunch Peak from the Barkot is one of the soul-enriching experiences. 
  • Apple orchards: Apple orchards are uncommon in other parts of India. So the tourists find these grooves very beautiful and enjoy roaming there. 
  • Ashrams: There are some ashrams also in the Barkot, so the people who are interested in inhaling the spiritual energies of ashrams visit there and gain refreshing energies. 
  • Trekking: Most adventurous youngsters enjoy trekking from Barkot to nearby places. The trails of the mountain throw diverse adventures in front of trekkers. 
  • Shopping: Last but not least, shopping lover tourists can borrow unique handicrafts, paintings, showpieces, etc., from the local market of Barkot. 

Travel Guidelines 

Barkot is not a very developed city, so you must be prepared to compromise a little bit. Due to being located amid mountains, there is a lack of resources. Although, you’ll get everything required for basic livelihood. Details about the stay and meal are mentioned below. 

Accommodation Guide: 

You’ll get neat and clean hotels to stay. Most of the hotels are two and 3-star ranking ones. The luxurious experience is not affordable at 4000 ft elevation, so you must be generous enough to live and enjoy it while consuming fewer resources. Apart from hotels, there are various homestays also offered by people for tourists. So you can take assistance from those, and can relax in Barkot at minimal charges. 

Meal Guide: 

Because of being Dev Bhoomi, and surrounded with holy char dhams and other sacred teerths, there’s availability of mostly Vegetarian food. Liquor and other intoxication are prohibited near religious sites. However, you’ll get a hygienic and mouthwatering meal in Barkot without extra effort. Additionally, you can consume fruits like apples, walnuts, etc. 


Usually, the temperature remains below 15°c, so you must be cautious about your health there. Wear multiple layers of woollen clothes and keep consuming hot drinks like tea, coffee, etc. Cover your palms, soles and ears properly to save yourself from the cold waves. 


Q1. What is the best time to visit Barkot? 

A1. One should visit the Barkot in May/June or October/November. The other months are not feasible for visiting Barkot. You may have to witness high rainfall, landslides and other weather extremities in the Rainy season of July and August.

Q2. What’s the best thing about the Barkot? 

A2. The pollution-free, silent atmosphere is the best thing about Barkot. All of your mental exhaustion can be cured naturally in the beautiful, relaxing environment of this town. We recommend you escape from the hectic life and feel the quality of peace in the small town of Barkot. 


We have tried to reveal all the secrets about the Barkot so that you won’t miss the wonderful moment of exploring the hamlets of Uttarakhand. Barkot holds special significance for trekkers. There are various trails around the area, which suit the adventurous desires of people. All the information a tourist needs before planning the yatra for that particular spot is mentioned above. Still, if you have any doubts and want to know something else about Barkot, then please ping us on our social media page or contact number. We love to bring smiles to pilgrims’ faces and keep the desire to serve you from our tour operator company, Travel Acharya

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