In the Kasar Devi hamlet, the temple of Kasar Devi is located after whom the hamlet is named. It is believed that the temple was built in the 2nd Century AD. What makes this place special is that it is settled on the Earth’s Van Allen Belt. Because of this the field near the Temple has the tendency of geomagnetism and is often called Paramagnetism. For this reason, the sacred land of the temple is equipped with natural cosmic energy. You can correlate it with the energy in Stonehenge in the UK and Machu Picchu in Peru. 

Because of its unique connection with geomagnetism, this religious spot is famous in nearby regions. Generally, the tourists who come to Almora, prefer to visit this temple also. Hence, we have decided to unveil the tourist perspective of Kasar Devi in this blog. 

About the Kasar Devi Temple

This revered Shrine of Maa Kasar Devi is a structural symbol of Spirituality, art architecture and much more to learn about. On the occasion of Kartika Purnima, the temple hosts a Fair, locally known as Kasar Devi fair. It attracts people from across the nation. 

The campus of the temple is mainly consisting of two separate Mandirs, one for Kasar Devi and the other devoted to Lord Shiva and Bhairava. Amidst the Pine and deodar forests, the temple furnishes breath-holding views of the Mountain ranges of Bandarpunch peak at the Himachal border and even to Api Hemal, Nepal. And so it is a perfect destination for Photographers and nature enthusiasts. 

Why should you visit here?  

Positioned on the hilltop of one of the peaceful divisions of Kumaon of Uttarakhand, this holy place is known for its sacred and realistic Charm. The town is perched at an elevation of 2100 meters above mean sea level so the Valley of Hawabagh and the Almora city is visible with all its scenic beauty and diversities of flora and fauna. To witness the majestic pull of the field, many travelers come here and one must definitely be here once in their lifetime. It’s not just an ordinary location but a religious retreat endowed with the power of magic and positive energies. 

The serene and peaceful atmosphere of the Kasar Devi draws the attention of tourists towards it. Many well-known artists, poets, and personalities have come here to seek blessings from the Goddess. Some of them are Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsburg, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and more. So now it’s your turn to come here and seek the blessings of Kasar Devi. 

Kasar Devi Temple significance: 

Being one of the 108 Siddhi peethas of India, this place in itself carries a divine power. In the inner sanctum of the temple, there is ignited akhand jyoti which have kept on burning each day and night for years. It also consists of a Kund, wherein Wood logs are burned 24×7. It is said that the remaining ash in the kund is so pure that it can even heal any diseased person only by its consumption. So the people living in nearby villages have great faith, and they manifest here often. 

The structure of the temple is a cave-like formation, which is painted a pure red colour. In some way, it depicts the energy of the temple. It is highly accessible through trekking and hiking. So it’s a good chance for all the trekkers cum spiritual persons. Trekking to a temple hits differently and feels so good to the soul. 

Kasar Devi Temple history: 

During the 1890s, Swami Vivekananda came to visit this revered Shrine here and meditated for a certain period. Later, he wrote down all his experiences in a diary. A student, Walter with whom the study of Tibetan Buddhism started and in the post period translated the book after which this not-so-popular temple of Uttarakhand came to the attention. Then in the period of 1930, some other personalities like Alfered Sorensen which later known as Mystic Sunyata Baba, Ernst Hoffman, and Li Gautami came here. They lived here for decades under the protection of the Goddess. This also led to the crowd of devotees from the West coming here seeking the darshans and this magical place. 

Ernst Hoffman after achieving knowledge here became a Tibetan Buddhist Lama with the name of Anagarika Govinda. It serves as a home for a number of bohemian artists, several western-Tibetan Buddhists and many saints and sages. 

Nearby Places to Visit in Kasar Devi 

If you are going to get Darshana of Kasar Devi and have ample time. Then you can go to these nearby places. 

Crank’s Ridge 

It’s basically a sunset point, where usually people come in the evening. From here, you’ll witness a good view of the setting sun. Watching the sunset might be the favourite activity of some people. So if you are one of those, then walk to this place and enjoy the sun’s views of scattering. 

Hippie Hill 

It’s another nearby spot located close to the Kasar Devi. It’s not a popular site, but if you are in a group of tourists then you can come here. You’ll get the chance to click some good photographs with a natural background.  

Balta Waterfall 

Balta Waterfall is a spot that truly has the essence of freshness and good natural vibes. You along with your group can come here and enjoy the waterfall views. The area around the waterfall is usually green and full of shrubs. Overall it’s a worth visiting spot near Kasar Devi. 

Maa Ulka Devi Temple 

This is a religious site located near Kasar Devi. Maa Ulka Devi is the main deity of this small temple. Usually, the people living in nearby societies come here to get the darshan of Maa Ulka Devi. If you are in that region and have enough time, then you can spend some peaceful time in the temple. 


After knowing all about the Kasar Devi Temple, you would be interested in visiting here. Generally, the pilgrims who leave their home to visit important Devi Temples, come here and pray. Because, there are high spiritual vibes, so all the meditation-loving tourists meditate here in the silence of Uttarakhand. Along with visiting here, you can go to nearby hill stations like Almora, Ranikhet etc. So now whenever you get leave from the office, plan some vacation to the Uttarakhand. 

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