Firstly, the Chakrata Hill Station is adorned with the charisma of the Yamuna River and majestic mountains. This eye-captivating hill station comes under the Dehradun cantonment area. Because it is highly elevated at the point of 2118 m from the above mean sea level, as a result, creates ideal weather conditions for high tourism influx. Besides that, Chakrata is also known for its richness in the assorted species of Flora and Fauna. Along with that, the town is settled down in the middle of the dense forest, and this is why this hill station is an ideal destination to flee from the fussy life of cities.

Ideally, the surrounding area is naturally blessed with superficial grandeur and draws the masses from all over the country. Therefore if you also feel stuck in the busy schedule of life, then the time is ripe to plan a vacation. According to us, It’s the best way to detox yourself and refuel your energy. So here we are introducing you to one of the best vacation spots in Uttarakhand. To gain all the rounder information about Chakrata, keep reading the blog till the end. 

Specialty of Chakrata 

Geographically, on the east side of the Chakrata, Mussoorie and Tehri Garhwal lie, and on its west Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh state lies. Naturally it is curled up between the sky-high mountain ranges that offer the vista of the unpolluted essence of the raw beauty of nature. In simple words, this fresh experience is just so fascinating, that it will help you to heal from mental hustles.  

Now we look at the other aspects of the city. In these elevated peaks, there are a lot of activities that are being conducted, especially for trekkers, adventure lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts. For instance, have a look at the below-mentioned dopamine-rushing activities. 

Some of the activities, which will undoubtedly thrill your spine and give you goosebumps are: 

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Camping in the woods
  • Trekking  
  • River Rafting 
  • Venturing in the caves
  • Water activities such as River crossing, 
  • Bridge slithering, 
  • Rappelling, 
  • Swimming

However, being a military cantonment area established by the British Indian Army back in 1869, tourists from foreign countries are required to obtain a special permit granted by the Commandant force.  

Places to visit in Chakrata 

Chilmiri Neck: 

This is the tallest peak in the town and just 15 to 20 minutes away. Basically, it is a big flat surface on the hilltop from where you can relish a ravishing view of the other distant Himalayan ranges. You will also get the visuals of other famous peaks such as Swarg Peak, Rohini Peak, and Bandarpunch Peak. 

Furthermore, it is a little more favoured as it is one of the few hill stations where the winter line is visible. Along with it, the Chilmiri neck is popular for its sunrise and sunset views. Most of the tourists trek to the point especially to capture the golden moments of dawn and dusk. Hence, it is a must-visit place for all the tourists residing in the Chakrata. 

Distance: It’s located at a distance of 5.2 km from Chakrata. So, it will take very little time to get there. 

Budher Caves: 

The mythology of these historic caves of Budher tells the story of Mahabharata times. Although, as of now there are less evidences of that era. Formerly, these were built by the Pandavas of Mahabharat when their palace was ignited by their cousins and they needed to escape. Villagers here also suggest that the earlier caves were more than 100 km long. 

The entrance of the caves is in the meadows of Miola Top which is elevated at a height of 2590 m. The Miola top is also known as Miola Tibba and is widespread among trekkers for the Temple of Lord Shiva known as the “Temple of Fairies”. Additionally, the hilltop presents the Panoramic view in the best way. 

Distance: The distance between Budher Caves and Chakrata is 41 km. Generally you can reach there in 1:30 hours.

Tiger Falls: 

Amid the hilly landscape and coiled up between the dense forest near Chakrata, this mesmerizing waterfall is among the best attractions of the town. Friends and families often come here to treat it as a remote picnic location. However, this location is loved by the couples as well.

This place is not much known to casual travellers as it is not very developed yet. Still, it offers an experience full of tranquillity and serenity. Generally the trek is so effortless that it can even be hiked by beginners. One can also enjoy the re-energized bath in the small pond of the falls and the flow of the water is barely turbulent. In their local language, it is also known as Kerrao Pachad and Kaliu Pachad

Distance: It’s 21 km away from the centre of Chakrata. Hence, you can reach their in less than one hour by the taxi or van.


Deoban as the name itself symbolizes the prominence of this crammed woodland. Locally this region is understood as the “FOREST OF GOD”. If you are thinking it’s an ordinary area, then let me tell you this deodar forest does have a lot to offer. Whether we talk about the varieties of Flora or fauna, there are many eye relaxing scenes to watch. Along with it, the magnificent scenery from the highest top, Vyas Shikhar, attracts bird lovers because some of the migratory birds can be seen here. 

There js a well-paved motorable road that commences from the main market of Chakrata. You can either hire a taxi or a van that would make you reach the entrance of the woods. Thereafter, you will have to trek to arrive at the top. Vyas Shikhar is the same place where the sage Vyas had created Mahabharata, a Hindu Mythology epic. 

Distance: The distance from Chakrata hill station is about 12 km. 

Moigad Falls: 

Again, this is a waterfall to spend the perfect weekend. These milky cascades are highly appreciated by the public as a picnic hangout location. These falls are situated on the road from Delhi to Yamountri Dham. Tourists can enjoy a refreshing shower here. The best time to visit these falls is in summer. 

Distance: Moigad Falls is located 29 km from Chakrata. 


Lakhamandal is a famous Hindu place dedicated to Lord Shiva. This ancient temple is favoured mainly among spiritual tourists. This place is not only a tourist spot but a special land with a historical and mythological aura. It is believed that in the Mahabharat epic, Duryodhan planned to kill his cousin Pandavas in the same place. Duryodhana insisted Pandavas stay at the “Palace made of wax” i.e. “Laksha Grah”. If you pay attention, you’ll find a bit of similarity in the words Laksha Grah and Lakhamandal. This is the story behind this temple and as of now, it’s known as the Lord Shiva shrine. So if you are a Shaivite or follower of Lord Shiva, then you must visit this peaceful temple and seek the blessings of Mahadeva. 

Chakrata Adventure Park:

The key draw to Chakarata is its famous Adventure park, where most of the activities take place. But, chiefly it is known for its water activities. And this is hardly half an hour away from the Chakrata. It’s the park, which offers a variety of adventure activities. So if you have never enjoyed water fun, then it’s high time when you visit this Adventure park in Chakrata.

Distance: It’s located at about 13 km from Chakrata. 


It is a sightseeing location near Chakrata, where tourists come to enjoy skating. The huge beautiful Meadows of the Mundali offer a great scope of cover for skiing. It is also known as the School for skiing. Tourists who have an interest in Skating must explore Mundali at least once in their lifetime. You can visit here at any time of the year. The weather in summer is pleasant and in winter it’s cold. 

Distance: It’s 110 km from Chakrata. Although this distance is a bit more, we have mentioned it for skating lovers. 


It’s a small town near Chakrata, best known as a picnic and honeymoon spot. You will find this place very pleasing and alluring curled up between natural greenery. One of the deodar trees grown here is Asia’s oldest & biggest tree. In short, if you are in Chakrata and want to spend some quality time with your spouse or friends then you can visit this nearby location, Koti Kanasar. 

Distance: The distance from Chakrata is 25 km. 

How to reach Chakrata 

Many routes can be followed to reach Chakrata but the most straight and refined way is Via Delhi to Dehradun and then to Chakrata. Some of the modes are:  

By Flight: 

The nearby operational airport to Chakrata is the Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun. The recorded distance to the Chakrata is 114 km away from the airport. You can smoothly book yourself a private taxi online or instantly hire a taxi or a van.   

By Rail: 

The railway station near the town is the Dehradun Railway Station. From the exit point of the station, taxis and vans are all available for the tourists. The station is at a distance of 88 km and would take around 2-3 hours to reach. 

By Road: 

There are several roads connected to Chakrata from the other main destinations of Uttarakhand. Buses and other means of transport are available too.  

The only crisis in Chakrata Road is that there are no petrol pumps, so it would be better to carry a small amount of diesel and petrol for emergencies or fill your tanks already at the first and nearest pump station you see. 

Nearby Places to visit in Chakrata 

There are some other local spots in Chakrata town, where tourists visit and create memories. Most of these local spots are popular for the photography points and sunrise-sunset views. If you are in the town and want to roam in the local region then you can spend time in these small beautiful corners of Chakrata. 

  • Rikhar Danda
  • Chinta Haran Mahadeva Mandir
  • Ramtal Garden 
  • Uproli Danda Sunset View
  • Young Point 
  • Diversion Gawasa Bridge 
  • Balutia Top
  • Chakrata View Point 
  • Dharnadhar View Point 
  • Vasta View Point 
  • Dhar Snow’s viewpoint 
  • Mahasu Devta Mandir 
  • Pomegranate Orchard 
  • Apple Orchard 


This blog was about the Chakrata Hill station and nearby places to visit. There are several places to visit around Chakrata, hence we have mentioned some of the best spots in the blog. We have tried our best to deliver the most relevant information to you. Our objective is to make your journey easy and fun. So if you are planning a vacation to Uttarakhand, then you can consider Chakrata as the main destination. Besides that, we are a team, Travel Acharya, working in the direction of tour operations. So if you want us to guide you in your Uttarakhand trip, then please feel free to contact us. We organize the trips for several locations in Uttarakhand. To know more about the tour packages, visit our home page. 


Q1. What’s the stay guide for Chakrata? 

A1. There are enough hotels and resorts of each category in the Chakrata. So you’ll not have to be worried about your stay. You can book the hotels online also. 

Q2. How’s the food availability in Chakrata? 

A2. Chakrata is a moderately developed hill station, where a variety of food is available. You’ll have various options to try and taste in the cold of Uttarakhand. Several cafes, restaurants and typical Street food are flooded in the town. 

Q3. How many days are enough to explore Chakrata? 

A3. You should plan at least 3 days of vacation to explore the Chakrata in a good manner. 

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