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Dhanaulti, the hidden jewel of Uttarakhand, is surrounded by thick forests of deodar, rhododendrons, tall oak trees, lush green slopes, and altitudinous mountains. Nowadays It is coming up as quite a famous hill station among the other major destinations of Uttarakhand. Its rising popularity is because of people’s preference for less crowded places. Besides that, Dhanaulti also serves as a base point for many of the treks to the Himalayan ranges. Highly elevated at 2,286 metres in height above the mean sea level, the picturesque town is situated in the foothills of the Garhwal range of Uttarakhand state. 

Hence, we are addressing the tourists’ interests here, and sharing the guide to visit Dhanaulti in the most hustle-free manner. 

Why should you visit Dhanaulti:

Tourists move toward here to inhale the fresh air and enjoy the serenity and peacefulness that the place encloses. Mussorie and other such hill stations have now become tourism hubs, and the maddening crowd there does not let the visitor relish the authentic essence of nature. To avoid crowds, you can move to this nearby location, Dhanaulti and can relax in peace. 

How to reach Dhanaulti: 

Now let’s look into the easiest way to reach Dhanaulti. Firstly you should know that Dhanaulti is located between Dehradun and New Tehri horizontally. Because, Dehradun, the capital city, lies on its west and New Tehri lies on its east. However, the hill roads are not straightforward so, the distance between New Tehri and Dhanaulti is quite high.

By Train 

The Dehradun Railway station is only 35 Km away from Dhanaulti. This distance is coverable in 1 hour and a few minutes. So you can comfortably choose the railway to reach Dhanaulti. Firstly book train tickets for Dehradun and then reach your destination without hustle. 

By Flight 

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is only 51 km away from here. So you just don’t need to be worried about your travel. Whenever you are planning the trip, book the flight tickets for this airport only. 

Distance of Dhanaulti from: 

  • The Queen of Hills, which is Mussoorie, is located 59 km from here. 
  • Dehradun is only 36 Km away from Dhanaulti. So if you are on a Dehradun trip, you can plan your visit here also. It will take a maximum of 1.5 hours to reach.
  • Rishikesh (Yoga Capital), is 68 km away from Dhanaulti. 
  • The distance between New Tehri and Dhanaulti is 125 Km. 
  • Devprayag, which is the confluence of rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, is 135 km away from here. 
  • Uttarkashi, another important religious town in Uttarakhand is 156 km away from here. 

Dhanaulti Places to Visit:

Based on the Mussoorie to Chamba road, the hill station offers unlimited activities. It is an ideal place for planning a short trip far away from the bustling life of metropolitan cities.  

Although Dhanualti doesn’t have so many options for travel. But a few spots are there, where travellers can spend their leisure time, wander through the street markets, and explore regional cuisine. 

Surkanda Devi Temple: 

Located on the route from Chamba to Mussoorie, it is at a distance of 7.0 km from Dhanaulti. This sanctum is known to be one of the 51 Shakti peeth of the Goddess Sati and is dedicated to Sukranda devi. Every year, thousands of visitors reach here to aspire blessings of the divine powers present here. 

It is highly elevated at a height of 2700 metres from where one can have a full-circle view of the majestic mountains with covered snow peaks. It’s not more than a 2-3 km trek, a little uphill which begins from the place named Kaddukhal. 

Dhanaulti Eco Park:

A newly constructed park by the DFO( divisional forest officer) team and the citizens of the Dhanaulti, is enveloped with numerous deodar trees. This garden is full of amusement and a perfect place for kids.  

This famous eco-park is hardly 5-6 minutes away from the main market of Dhanaulti or its forest rest house. It costs approx 50 rs per person for entry and is worth visiting. Dhanaulti eco-park offers a lot of activities and is the best option for a picnic spot and for those who love to be around the core of nature. 

Potato Farm:

Famous for horse riding, this potato farm is a government property and is the best sightseeing spot. From here, the Doon Valley is also visible. It excites people who appeal to have a deep understanding of Agriculture. The potatoes that are grown here move outside the state to be sold out in other states of India. 

It is 1-2 km away from the main market of Dhanaulti, any local transport can make you reach there. 

Apple Orchard Resort:

As the name suggests, the resort is surrounded by multiple apple trees or a huge apple orchard. It is set high on the range of Himalayas that offers stunning vistas of 360° that instantly blow the mind. This resort has fenced-in a total of 20 guest houses divided by the mode of accommodation i.e. deluxe, super deluxe, etc. 

Dashavatar Temple:

With the blend of the architectural style of the Guptas and Gujar-Pratihara empires, this temple mesmerises tourists in many ways. It is primarily notable for its remarkable carvings and influential propagation of rich Hindu culture. 

The temple is devoted to mainly Lord Vishnu, so it holds special significance for the Vaishnavite cult. So the pillars and the scriptures depict the ten incarnations of the said deity. These ten incarnations are Matsyavataar, Kachhap, Varaah, Narasimha, Vaman, Parasuram, Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki. 

The premises of the temple remain hygienic and clean at all times of the day and every day. It is advised to wear modest clothes while visiting the temple as it is the place for worship. And, it is also recommended to hire a local guide to gain some in-depth knowledge of its heritage. 

Rock Climbing Tacchila 

Located approximately 16 km from the centre of Dhanaulti, this site provides wonderful adventurous opportunities. To those who wish to do rock climbing, they must visit this nearby location. Here you can indulge in rock climbing and enjoy it to the fullest. Although this is a pure adventure, you must be courageous and physically fit. It’s a great chance to fulfil your adventure dreams, just come here and give wings to your zeal. 

Alfa Springs: 

Located very close to this rock climbing location in Tachhila, it’s another wonderful site to explore. Here, the pure, clean water streams flow playfully amid the rocky surroundings. It appears heart beating when you walk into the bank of these streams. You must come here to spend some peaceful cum fun filling time.

Dhanaulti Hotels Guide:

With a comparatively lower rush than other major cities of Uttarakhand, this hill station has a few accommodation options with all the amenities that can be required by one. Taking into consideration how tourism is rising in Dhanaulti, there will be a growth in the construction of new hotels and restaurants as can be foreknow. 

There are homestays, deluxe hotels, family-suite hotels, tent facilities, and many more where one can stay and explore in Dhanaulti. To avoid any hardship in finding yourself any stay after reaching there, it is highly recommended to book in advance. 


This blog was about a small yet beautiful place called Dhanaulti. It’s very close to Dehradun, so many of the travellers who stay in Dehradun, prefer to come here also. You can cover this place in one day only. Although, if you want to explore and experience everything in detail, then you must stay here. Besides that, there are various other beautiful destinations in Uttarakhand, which will delight your heart with their lively aura. And if you are a religious person then you can spend months in this state that is popular as Devbhumi also. Here are some destinations like Munsiyari, Kausani, Auli, Deoria Tal Trek etc. which need your attention. We hope you would have enjoyed this blog. Thanks for reading here. 


Q1. What’s the distance between Dhanaulti to Mussoorie? 

A1) Mussoorie is 59 Km away from Dhanaulti. The rush often reaches Mussoorie and other in-demand popular destinations. However, Dhanaulti is now emerging as a well-known tourist spot, especially among nature lovers and honeymooners. 

Q2. Which is better, Dhanaulti or Mussoorie? 

A2) There is no such comparison between the two. Because Mussoorie and Dhanaulti both are beautiful in their way. It depends on your choice, of where you want to spend your quality time. If you are an outgoing person then consider Mussoorie. While the People proceed toward Dhanaulti who prefers peace and calmness. 

Q3. Is there snowfall in Dhanaulti? 

A3)Yes. Dhanaulti receives heavy snowfall in winter. It changes into a scenic wonderland. The crowd has now started moving towards Dhanaulti to witness snowfall here.

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