Do Dham (Kedarnath-Badrinath): Ex-Delhi Tour Package


Do Dham (Kedarnath-Badrinath): Ex-Delhi Tour Package

Duration :   7 Days 6 Nights
Start Location:   Delhi

Yatra Overview

This package offers the sacred Yatra to two of Char Dham’s destinations. Many people are running short of time because of a hectic work-life schedule. But they want to experience this Yatra, without helicopter services. So this package suits them perfectly. Besides that, the individuals who already have visited the Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand. But now they again want to come for Kedarnath Dham and Badrinath Dham Darshan, and this package serves their needs in a perfect manner.

Starting Point

This Do Dham (Kedarnath and Badrinath) Yatra will begin from Delhi.
If you are living in NCR or nearby areas, then you should proceed with this tour package.\

End Point

Considering your comfort, this Do Dham Yatra will come to an end in Delhi.
Our team will ensure your return to Delhi safely and timely.

Trip Duration

7 Days and 6 Nights

Primary Destinations

The sites that are compulsory to visit under this Do Dham Yatra package are given below.

  • Kedarnath Dham
  • Badrinath Dham

Intermediate Destinations

  • Haridwar
  • Guptkashi
  • Joshimath

Know Your Destination

Religious History of Kedarnath:

Being titled as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, the pilgrimage has a lot of significance in Hinduism. During the antiquated times of Mahabharata, the Kedarnath temple was constructed by the Pandavas. It is supposed to be the exact spot where Lord Shiva vanished into the grounds as a Nandi to elude them and then reappeared as a form of Hump in the Kedarnath. People here also say that the temple is made up of the natural elements of air, water, and earth and that’s what makes the shrine more religious and spiritual.

Religious History of Badrinath:

Badrinath is the abode of Lord Vishnu. Many religious historical texts mention its glory and richly divine energy. It all started with Adi Sankaracharya recovering the idol of Badrinath ji from the Narad kund and placing it in the shrine. This is how he revived it as a Hindu temple once again.

Religious History of Joshimath:

One of the establishments of Adi Shankaracharya, Joshimath is considered to be the administrative department of Atharvaveda. Shankaracharya Ji installed an idol of Narsimha (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) in the Narsimha temple as a Supreme deity along with other divinities.

The other legend connects this holy place to the times of Katyuri kings when King Vasudev went hunting in the woods. Meanwhile, God Narsingh came in disguise and asked for food from his wife. After the meal, he went straight to the King’s room for rest. On seeing a strange man on his bed, Vasudeva cut off his left hand in rage but instead of blood, milk started coming out of his hand. He realised who the man was. However, the king was cursed to move to Baijnath, and said as the idol’s arm would fall, so would his dynasty.

Package Inclusions


If you select this package for your Do Dham Yatra, we will provide hotel rooms for your stay. It would be our responsibility to ensure your comfortable night stay in a safe location. The level of luxury for staying depends on the cost you pay for the package.


In these 7 Days of memorable Do Dham YatraEvery day, we shall offer hygienic, tasty breakfast and dinner for you. Generally, we offer normal North Indian-style cuisines. But if you have any special request then discuss this while registering for the package.


During the entire journey, we will provide you with good transport services. From Day 1 to Day 7, our driver will be there on time to pick you up from your location. Besides that, we shall make sure that you reach your destination as per the schedule.

Airport Transfer

On Day 1, our driver will receive you from Delhi International Airport to start the Do Dham Yatra. Similarly, he will drop you at the Airport when the trip ends on Day 7. Instead of the Airport, if you are in a Railway station, then the driver will receive you from there also. So do not hustle for this, just relax and come to Delhi on your expenses.


Our team will ensure that you get the proper Darshan at every destination under this package. En route, if you ever feel like taking a short break for sightseeing of mesmerising views of the Himalayas, then our driver will definitely consider your wish.

Emergency Support

During this Do Dham Yatra, if you ever need our help, we will be there for you. If you get stuck in any emergency situation, we will not leave your side till you reach your location safely. If we can not be present at your location physically, then we shall provide our support through phone calls.


If you are not satisfied with any of our services under this package, then here’s the option of Customisation. We believe in offering services that satisfy your soul. So whatever services you want to alter according to your preference, discuss them with us openly. But you have to discuss this customisation before registering for the package.

Package Exclusions

You need to keep a look at the things or services that we are not going to provide you under this Do Dham Yatra Package.

  • Laundry
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Palki / Pony
  • Horse Ride
  • Travel Insurance
  • VIP Darshan
  • Internet Connectivity

Health and Safety

The journey of 7 Days in high altitude might be tiring and exhaustive. Hence, we are sharing some health and safety guidelines for you. If you follow these tips religiously, then you will be able to be active during the entire journey.

  • You should completely avoid non-vegetarian food. As you know, it’s a sacred yatra, so maintain the purity in your mind and body.
  • Do not consume any kind of alcohol or tobacco items. It is harmful to you from both religious and medical perspectives.
  • You should follow the simple rule of waking up early and going to bed early. Getting proper quality sleep is necessary to be active.
  • Always wear proper woollen clothes to save your body from low-temperature consequences.
  • You should take care of your body. So be hydrated by drinking enough water and stay energised by having balanced diet and some quick energy snacks.

Booking and Payment Information

After knowing all the details of the Do Dham Yatra Package, if you want to proceed with booking then, here’s the way.

  • Click on the Book Now button, and you will get the contact number of our Coordinator.
  • Make a call or send a message on WhatsApp to this number.
  • Then our team will contact you soon and give you proper time to discuss the package.
  • Whatever things you want to be tailored, tell our team at that time openly.
  • Thereafter, proceed with paying the registration fee and book your seat for Do Dham Yatra with us.

Schedule Details

Day 1: Delhi to Haridwar
On Day 1, our responsibility will be to pick you up from Delhi and make you reach Haridwar. So following that, our driver will reach Delhi International Airport, if you are coming to Delhi from a foreign country. Otherwise, if you are in Delhi railway station, then our driver will reach there too. From there, the driver will make you sit in the car and then drive to Haridwar. After driving a few hours continuously, the driver will drop you in front of your hotel in Haridwar. So then come out of the car, and check in the hotel. Then you can relax in the room for some time. After you feel refreshed, then you should walk out and visit the main attractions of Haridwar in the remaining time. This Haridwar visit will not be offered by us. But as you will have some idle time in the evening of Day 1, then you should utilise this time to cover at least 2-3 nearby tourist places. Plan your Haridwar city tour on your own, but do not forget to visit Har Ki Pauri. After exploring Haridwar, when you return to your room, we shall serve you dinner as per schedule. So now enjoy the meal of the 1st Day of Yatra and then do not delay going to sleep. This 1st night of Do Dham Yatra will be spent in Haridwar.
Day 2: Haridwar to Guptkashi
In the morning, after you eat breakfast, our driver will come to take you. From there, he will drive to Guptkashi. En route, you will see many attractive landscape views. If you wanna take a break for a few minutes, ask the driver politely. After you reach Guptkashi, check-in at the hotel and take a rest. After relaxing, if you feel like going outside then visit the nearby popular sites of Guptkashi. Get back to your hotel before dinner time. We shall serve you dinner there in the hotel. So eat your meal and go to sleep overnight. This 2nd day's night stay will be arranged here in Guptkashi.
Day 3: Guptkashi to Kedarnath, Kedarnath Darshan and Return to Guptkashi
On Day 3 will rise with the blessings to visit Kedarnath Dham. In the morning, you will have to wake up early and get ready. Kedarnath Dham is located in a complex location of the Himalayas, so it requires a moderately challenging trek to reach there. If you are not comfortable with trekking along terrain, then there's one way to bypass it. That way is a helicopter ride to Kedarnath Temple. Generally, this package doesn't include helicopter services. But if you wanna customise your package by adding a Helicopter ride to Kedarnath Dham, then we can do this for you. Inform us about customisation and helicopter booking during registration for this Do Dham Yatra package. Then only, we can manage the Helicopter tickets for Kedarnath on the basis of extra charges. Kedarnath Dham by Helicopter (Two-Way) If you had opted for helicopter services, then our driver would drive you to your heliport. From there, you will fly by helicopter to Kedarnath Dham. Within 1 hour, you'll be there at your destination. Thereafter, proceed to the Darshan, Puja and other religious rites you wanna perform. Follow the protocols of the temple and enjoy the rare vibe of high spirituality of that place. Once you are free from everything, and now want to return to Guptkashi, then go to your heliport. From there you will again get the Helicopter, that will fly you to Guptkashi. You'll return to Guptkashi in comparatively less time. One-Way Yatra to Kedarnath Dham By Helicopter If you had booked a One-way yatra to Kedarnath Dham by Helicopter, then here's the way to come back to Guptkashi. You will have to come by trek. Reach the Gaurikund by trek and then take the help of any jeep to reach Sonprayag. From Sonprayag, try to contact our driver, if you manage to find him then come to Guptkashi with him. In case you do not find him, then take the help of another taxi service to come to Guptkashi. In Sonprayag and Gaurikund, you will find many taxi service providers who will drop you at your location safely, so do not panic about it. Kedarnath Dham by Trek To those who want to reach the doorstep of Kedarnath Dham By Trek, here are the details. In the morning, our driver will drive you to Sonprayag. From there, you will have to book a local taxi to reach Gaurikund. As soon as you reach Gaurikund, from there your trek will start. So proceed from there with your group mates by trek to Kedarnath. En route, you will find many Palki, Pony or Horse providers. If you are willing to hire any of these for trek then discuss the fare and arrange the palki for you. Once you reach Kedarnath Dham, your long-way trek workout will be worth it. Now go to the temple, get Darshan, perform Puja and explore the land of Lord Shiva. After this all when you are set to return, reach the Gaurikund by trek. From Gaurikund, you should book any taxi to reach Sonprayag. And from Sonprayag, contact our driver. If there will be any of our drivers in the region, he will help you reach Guptkashi. In other cases, if you don't find a driver, then take the assistance of another taxi. They will drop you Guptkashi safely. After coming to Guptkashi, go to your hotel, and just relax. We shall send you the dinner on time, so have it and go to sleep. You'll stay this night in Guptkashi again.
Day 4: Guptkashi to Joshimath
In the morning, after getting ready, eat your breakfast. Thereafter, pack your bags, check out from this hotel in Guptkashi and call the driver. He will drive you to Joshimath today. En route, you will see Pipalkoti. When you reach Joshimath, check-in at the hotel and go to your room. In the evening, if you want to visit, then come out of your room and walk into the famous religious sites of Joshimath. Afterwards, reached the hotel on time. We shall send dinner for you. So have it and sleep overnight here in Joshimath.
Day 5: Joshimath to Badrinath, Badrinath Darshan and Return to Joshimath
On the 5th morning of Do Dham Yatra, after you eat breakfast, the driver will come outside of your hotel. Thereafter, you will proceed towards Badrinath with the driver. When you reach there, first go to the holy bath Taptkund. Then, go to the main temple and get Darshan of Badrivishal. Apart from the main temple, there's an another well known place Brahmakapal. It's also located near the temple. This place is known for performing the last rites of ancestors. So if you wanna do any such rites, perform there peacefully. After this all, our driver will make you return to Joshimath again. Now go to your hotel room and just relax. Our staff will send you dinner, so eat it and go to sleep. You'll spend this night in Joshimath again.
Day 6: Joshimath to Haridwar
On the morning of Day 6, eat breakfast and pack your bags to return to Haridwar. Our driver will arrive there and pick you up from the Joshimath hotel. Thereafter he will drive you to Haridwar. In this route, you will pass through the attractive sites of Devprayag and Rudraprayag. You can take a mini break here. Spend a few minutes here and then again sit back into the car. After reaching Haridwar, check-in at the hotel and relax. We shall send dinner for you. You will stay this night of the 6th day here in Haridwar.
Day 7: Haridwar to Delhi
This will be the last day of this Do Dham Yatra. In the morning after you finish breakfast, our driver will come there. From there, he will drive you back to Delhi. After a long journey, you will reach Delhi by evening. Here, your Do Dham Yatra will end.

What's Included

  • 24/7 Support
  • Breakfast
  • Guide
  • Sightseeing
  • Transport

What's Excluded

  • Accommodation
  • Additional Services
  • Airport Transfer
  • BBQ Night
  • Concert Ticket
  • Flights
  • Hotel Rent
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Meals
  • Newspaper
  • Optional Add-ons
  • Outing Ticket
  • Welcome Drinks