Uttarakhand is known for its excellent Himalayan ranges, forests, and sacred destinations. This stunning place’s beauty is beyond imagination, and it draws the attention of travellers and people through its culture and numerous majestic cultural heritages and pilgrimages. Uttarakhand is a place that is very popular among Hindus because the most sacred places collectively coming in Char Dham are in Uttrakhand. Millions of people travel to several destinations in Uttarakhand every year.

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  • Health care support to every customer 
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Uttarakhand Package Locations 

  • Chopta
  • Nainital 
  • Ranikhet 
  • Haridwar 
  • Rishikesh 
  • Mussoorie 
  • Tungnath 
  1. Chopta [ 5 days, four nights ] 
  • Pickup from Delhi to Drop off to Delhi
  • Travel Insurance and Guide i 

What is so crucial about Chopta? 

  • From Chopta, one of the temples among  Panch Kedar,” Tungnath Temple ” is just about 3.5 km.
  • Users can experience a great view of the Himalayan ranges and Alpine Lake.
  • They get a 360-degree view of snow-covered mountains and experience a variety of Indian birds, which are rare species and only found in such locations. 

Tour Plan of Chopta Tour Packages 

  • Day 1: Delhi – Haridwar ( 230 km ) 
  • Day 2: Haridwar – Chopta ( 190 km ) 
  • Day 3 : Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrashila Trek 
  • Day 4: Chopta – Haridwar ( 190 km ) 
  • Day 5: Haridwar – Delhi ( 190 km ) 
  1. Rishikesh – Haridwar [ 3 days, two nights ] 
  • Pickup and Drop off to Delhi 
  • Travel Insurance and Travel Guide 

What is so crucial about Rishikesh – Haridwar 

  • There are hundreds of temples on the journey from Rishikesh to Haridwar, where users will explore the most sacred Hindu temples.
  • Rishikesh is known for bungee jumping and boat diving, and travelers can enjoy both on the same day at Rishikesh. 
  • Straight roads, Mountain ranges, and peace in the environment highly attract travelers and visitors on the journey from Rishikesh – Haridwar. 

Tour Plan of Rishikesh – Haridwar Tour Packages 

  • Day 1: Delhi – Haridwar ( 230 km ) 
  • Day 2: Haridwar – Rishikesh sightseeing
  • Day 3: Haridwar – Delhi ( 230 km ) 
  1. Haridwar – Rishikesh- Mussoorie [ 5 days, four nights ] 
  • Starting and ending in Delhi 
  • Travel Insurance and Travel Guide 

What is so crucial about the journey between Haridwar- Rishikesh- Mussoorie 

  • From Haridwar- Rishikesh- Mussoorie,  users will not only get to experience the best views but also get to know the different types of cultures found in India. 
  • Mussoorie, known as the queen of hills, has tremendous destinations, which require extra time and money. In this package, you’ll experience all the best destinations in 5 nights and four days. 

Tour Plan of Haridwar- Rishikesh- Mussoorie Tour Packages 

  • Day 1: Delhi – Haridwar ( 230 km ) 
  • Day 2: Haridwar – Rishikesh ( 27 km ) 
  • Day 3: Rishikesh- Mussoorie ( 100 km ) 
  • Day 4: Mussoorie Sightseeing 
  • Day 5: Mussoorie- Delhi ( 300 km ) 
  1. Delhi – Nainital – Ranikhet- Jim Corbett [ 6 days, five nights ] 
  • Starting and Returning to Delhi 
  • Travel Guide with Insurance 

What is so crucial about Delhi – Ranikhet- Nainital – Jim Corbett 

  • Nainital is known for its rivers and sacred pilgrimages, which are incredibly worth it to travellers. 
  • Travellers will get a view of the most peaceful and desirable natural destinations with Ranikhet; most probably, they will love the outdoors filled with natural scenery and mountain ranges. 
  • Users get to experience Jim Corbett National Park, the most fantastic zoo in India, rich in biodiversity and historical significance. In contrast, they will get a view of the rarest and almost extinct types of birds and animals here with this tour package. 

Tour Plan of Delhi – Nainital- Ranikhet- Jim Corbett 

  • Day 1: Delhi – Nainital (310 km ) 
  • Day 2:  Nainital Sightseeing 
  • Day 3 : Nainital – Ranikhet ( 60 km ) 
  • Day 4 : Raniket – Kausani ( 60 km ) 
  • Day 5: Kausani – Corbett ( 160 km ) 
  • Day 6: Jim Corbett – Delhi ( 250 km ) 
  1. Delhi – Nainital [ 3 days, two nights ] 
  • Starting and Returning to Delhi 
  • Travel Guide & Travel Insurance facility 

What is so beneficial about Delhi – Nainital 

  • Nainital is the home of several sacred rivers and cultures. 
  • This place is known for its favorable climate and various natural attractions, including hill stations, rivers, and the life of the people living here. 

Tour Plan of Delhi – Nainital.

  • Day 1: Delhi- Nainital ( 310 km ) 
  • Day 2: Nainital Sightseeing 
  • Day 3: Nainital – Delhi Sightseeing ( 310 km ) 
  1. KathGodam – Nainital [ 2 Days 1 Night ] 
  • Pickup and Drop off to Kathgodam 
  • User-friendly support of Guide and Insurance 

What is so beneficial about Kathgodam  – Nainital 

  • Kathgodam is highly popular among travellers because it has acquired the most demanding forest products and natural vegetation over the years. This place not only inspires users through its greenery but also attracts their attention due to its soothing vibes of living and rich, diversified culture of people.
  • Nainital impresses travellers and visitors through its hill stations, sacred places, and, most remarkably, sacred rivers and caves where Hindu gods’ pilgrimages exist. 

Tour Plan of Kathgodam- Nainital 

  • Day 1: KathGodam – Nainital ( 35 km ) 
  • Day 2: Nainital- Sightseeing- Kathgodam

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