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In today’s world of hectic work life, people get exhausted often and seek a silent peaceful place to relax. After considering the rising tourists’ interests, we have decided to unveil a not-so-popular, secret region of Uttarakhand which is Harsil Valley. This is a village in the Garhwal region, where the beautiful valley view and desirable weather conditions are present. The beauty of this place will leave a bright impression on your heart. So if you are also seeking a perfect place to enjoy your vacation then you are at the right place. To know everything about Harsil tourism, keep reading the blog till the end. 

About the Harsil Valley

Amid the beautiful serenity of the Himalayas, the Harsil Valley is a mesmerising and unfamiliar glory among the various spots of Uttarakhand. You might have heard of it, but it would be an injustice without you being gone there once in a lifetime. Harsil in itself is a manifestation of Peace, contentment, and calmness which today’s generation has always been longing for. 

This picturesque town is located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand State in India. It runs as a route that connects the Uttarkashi with the Gangotri Dham. The distance from Uttarkashi to Harsil is 72 km and then it stretches to Gangotri, the path is covered with huge apple orchards, snow-capped mountains, and dense groves of deodar trees. When your eyes will catch the view of apple orchards and snowy peaks altogether, it will appear just like heaven. It feels so soothing to the eyes, that you can get immense peace by just staying in that place. 

Being at an altitude of 9005 ft, the valley presents multiple serene scenic views along with the ferociously flowing water of River Bhagirathi.   

Harsil Travel Guide: 

  • Tourists now often consider it as a Hill station with several adventurous activities and several trekking routes for trekkers and travelling enthusiasts.  
  • Most of the inhabitants of the town belong to the Bhotia tribe. When you stay in that place, it will feel like a perfect combination of vintage and authentic village vibes. 
  • The maximum summer temperature of Harsil exists at 22-24°C, however, in winter it comes down to at least 2°C and even less sometimes. In February, the chances of Snowfall increase here and the day goes chilly and cold completely. 
  • The finest time for a visit to Harsil is from April to October for the best scenic experiences and better exploration of the township and apparent scenery of the valley. 
  • The recommended stay in Harsil is at least 2-3 days. You should squeeze at least that much time to experience the Harsil Valley tourism. 

Story about Harsil 

Harsil is popularly known for its extensive production of Apple. It is believed by the locals here that this is the Landscape where an English immigrant fell in love with a local girl. He decided to reside here for all of his life and made this town his hometown. Then he brought up the cultivation of Apple and now the Apples of Harsil is worldwide famous. The Harsil apples are exported all across the country. 

Harsil is also a little additionally famous because the eminent filmmaker of the Bollywood industry Raj Kapoor had also shot here some parts of his film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’.

Attractions in Harsil

The main tourist attraction of Harsil that attracts travellers from around the nation is its giant orchards of Apples. Other than that there are mainly six sightseeing spots that can be visited while staying in Harsil. 

Dharali Village: 

With a distance of 3 km from Harsil there is this small and lovely hamlet known for its apple and red bean cultivation. The residents here believe that the Bhagirath meditated here for the Ganga to come to the earth for the well-being of the people. There is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva as well. If you have enough time, then trek to this village and cherish your soul with unmatchable experiences. 

Mukhba Village: 

It is also a popular town among tourists which is just 1 km away from Harsil and is known as the winter abode of Gangotri Dham. The devotees come here in large numbers to worship and enjoy nature at its best. If you are staying in Harsil, then you can trek to this place also. 

Lama Top: 

It’s a hiking area within a few kilometres range near Harsil. All of the adventurous people hike to the top and enjoy the beautiful view from there. They say that you can see some animals also there. Especially when the sun rays reflected from the snowy mountains fall on your face, it feels very good and heartwarming. If you love hiking then you must go for the Lama top


Gangani is also a town near Harsil which is recognized for its thermal Hot spring which is called Rishikund. Tourists visit this place to especially witness the hot water spring. 


It is a cluster of seven natural lakes that are located in Harsil and which is an uphill trek at a 3km distance from Darali village. These lakes are mysteriously connected. These lakes are Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Bharat Tal, Naldaymanti Tal, Lakshman Tal, Shuka Tal and Panna Tal.  

Wilson Cottage: 

The cottage was constructed by the Englishman Mr.Fredrick E Wilson, it is a two-storied building that he made for his beloved wife who was a local garhwali girl, Gulabi, and his 3 sons. Their old photographs can still be found in the mansion.   


The holy pilgrimage of Hindus, Gangotri is a town that is known for the sacred temple of Ma Ganga and is also believed to be a commencing point of River Ganga. The temple here is among the Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand. 

How to reach Harsil? 

There are a few ways that can lead you to Harsil without any hurdles. With your preferences and needs for transportation and budget here are some common ways:

By Flight: 

The one and only Airport in the state is Jolly Grant Airport, once you reach the airport, you can easily get to the local conveyances that would take you to Harsil. The stated distance between the Airport and Harsil is around 232 km. 

By Rail: 

Harsil is near Rishikesh and the railway station of Rishikesh is situated at a distance of 215 km from Harsil. Then there is a very well-connected route to Harsil, you can take either a taxi or bus or hire a taxi personally.  

By Road: 

Again, as we are informed, there are well-motorable roads from different cities of Uttarakhand to Harsil village. Harsil is located on the NH108 route that comes through Uttarkashi and extends to Gangotri and further. 

Harsil Hotel Guide: 

As tourists always show their fascination for staying in Harsil, the state government has now facilitated the process of accommodating. There are at least 10 to 12 Hotels and resorts that are fully equipped with the facilities demanded by visitors. Also, the government has set up guest houses of its own, GMVN guesthouses, that are budget-friendly and have everything one can need. In a nutshell, as of now, there are enough options to stay in Harsil. 


Here in this blog, we have shared the Harsil Valley travel guide. We hope that the information shared by us will be fruitful for you. If you are exhausted from your life and want to relax then it’s the best time to go on a vacation. We recommend you explore this beautiful hidden place of Uttarakhand. If you have any other related queries then you can approach us through our social media page. We are a tour operator company Travel Acharya; if you want us to guide you then you can visit our tourism packages mentioned on the website. 


Q1) What is Harsil Famous for? 

A1) The town, however, is not as famous as other hill stations of Uttarakhand, but the giant Apple Orchards here are the main tourist attraction of the valley that tempts tourists from different parts of the country. 

Q2) Is it worth to visit Harsil? 

A2) If you ever come to Uttarakhand, the visit to Harsil is highly recommendable, the placid and peaceful environment of the village will leave you amazed and stunned.  

Q3) Does Harsil Recieve Snowfall? 

A3) The answer is Yes, Harsil does witness snowfall every year in February when the temperature declines to 0° or even less. 

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