Kausani, a cosy hill station in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand is situated near famous destinations ALmora and Ranikhet. This hill station located at 1890 m elevation, creates a comfortable and cold environment for the travellers. The town has a lot of good weather days, a pleasant atmosphere, peaceful stay options and enough tourist spots to make you satisfied. Let me tell you, because of its unmatched combination of greenery and refreshing weather, Kausani is popular as a mini Switzerland of India. 

Besides that, from here, you’ll get the opportunity to view the Himalayan peaks Nanda Devi, Panchhuli and Trisul as well. The heart-enriching views of these peaks and the tea gardens are the top attractions of Kausani. Hence, most couples who are looking for honeymoon locations prefer visiting here and spending their best moments of life amid Himalayan peaks and tea gardens. This was the glimpse only, to know more about the place, read the blog till the last word. 

Where is Kausani situated: 

Kaushani hill station is situated in the Bageshwar district of Devbhumi Uttarakhand. Bageshwar town located in the east is only 39 Km away from here. The other nearby towns of Kausani are Someshwar located in the southern direction, Dwarahat in the southwest, Bageshwar in the east and Baijnath in the North. All of these towns are only a few kilometres from there, so you can travel in some hours to these towns if you want to explore. 

Distance of Kausani from: 

  • Kausani is only 59 Km away from Ranikhet Hill station. If you have time then you can cover both of these destinations in one tour. 
  • The nearby town Almora which is also a famous hill station and known as the cultural soul of Kumaon is located 54 Km away from Kausani. 
  • The distance between Nainital and Kausani is about 117 Km. It will cost you 4 hours to cover this much distance. 
  • Mukteshwar, a composed hill site located near the Nainital is 93 Km away from here. 
  • Haldwani, which is located in normal topography, is 140 Km away from here. Most of the visitors who travel by bus come to Haldwani first and then proceed to their nearby hill station. 
  • Practically, Delhi is far away from here and you shouldn’t prefer a road trip from Delhi to Kausani. This distance between the two is 436 Km. 

How to reach Kausani 

If you are living outside of Uttarakhand, then you should avoid road trips to Kausani from your location. The best way to reach Kausani is by Airway or railway. 

By Train 

The Kathgodam railway station receives trains from various locations in India and is 135 Km away from here. You can book the tickets for Kathgodam online and once you reach there, book the taxi for Kausani. You’ll reach there in approx 4.5 hours by taxi. 

By Aeroplane

If you prefer a flight for travel, then book the tickets for Pantnagar Airport. It’s located at a distance of 167 km. When you reach Pantnagar Airport, you can book a car or taxi to Kausani. The taxi will take you reach at approx 5.5 hours. 

Kausani Places to Visit: 

Anasakti Ashram: 

One of the most visited sites in Kausani is the Ashram dedicated to the father of our nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He is popular as Mahatma Gandhi among the public. It’s said that Mahatma Gandhi once visited Kausani and spent a certain time in this land while struggling for the freedom of the country. Gandhi ji got so affectionate with this hill station that he called Kausani the “Mini Switzerland of India”. Now this Ashram designed on the theme of Mahatma Gandhi principles is located there and is visited by almost all of the visitors who come to Kausani. Famous by the name Anasakti Ashram, it looks very peaceful and serene amid alpine trees. 

The ashram is designed very thoughtfully because it gives very open, non-violent, calm vibes like Gandhiji used to believe. Interestingly, there are 3 cute monkey statues in the Ashram that depict the principles of “Don’t say bad, Don’t listen bad, Don’t see bad”. Additionally inside the ashram, there’s a prayer hall and a small museum where you’ll find information related to Gandhiji and the freedom struggle. 

Along with that, there’s a small garden of flowering plants around the Ashram, which enhances the beauty of the site. If you are a person who has an interest in the Modern history of India, and the freedom struggle then you should come to Anasakti Ashram and explore the museum. 

Tea gardens

The second most important place that you should explore in Kausani is its tea garden. You might be aware of the fact that Kausani Hill Station is popular for its tea gardens and estates. So when you come here, this is a must-visit site. Most of the people get really excited about looking at tea gardens and we hope you would also be. 

So here you get the wonderful chance to walk in the tea gardens. You can touch the leaves of tea plants and show your love for nature. Walking amid the tea garden, surrounded by beautiful hills and the sky covered with fog or clouds, makes your vacation perfect to make the best out of it. 

Sumitranandan Pant Gallery: 

Another thoughtful place in Kausani that you should add to your visit list is the Sumitranandan Pant Gallery. For your kind information, Sumitranandan Pant was a great Hindi poet and he has achieved great success in literature. So Kausani is the place where this great poet had taken birth. And that’s why now, here’s a gallery dedicated to his achievements. Basically, it’s a type of small museum, where the memories of the Sumitranandan Pant are saved beautifully. Additionally, there are insights into literature written by him. So if you are a person who has an interest in literature, you must come and spend some time here.

Rudradhari Waterfall: 

The place where you will get the chance to visualise the beautiful waterfall as well as historical caves. These caves near the waterfall are understood as the caves of the ancient period. These falls are located in the Kantali area of Someshwar range. It’s a moderately remote area so you should prefer to go there in a group. 

Besides that, there’s a small temple also. The waterfall and caves are surrounded by dense shrubs and herbs and that’s why it appears full of nature. To reach the waterfall, you have to Trek a bit. The trekking trail for Rudradhari Falls is 9.8 Km long. However, you are going to enjoy the peace and water sound in that interior area a lot. It will shower your soul as well as body with freshness. 

Lakshmi Ashram: 

Lakshmi Ashram, popular as the Sarla Behn Ashram locally, is a place of hope for many homeless girls. It’s a place that is going to inspire you a lot to do some philanthropy and social upliftment activities in life. The Ashram reflects the peace and calm vibrations, so when you spend your time there, it’s going to rejuvenate you for sure. Originally, this was founded by Catherine Hillman. The goal behind founding this Ashram was social work and assistance. Fortunately, the ashram is running well and holding the hands of poor and deprived ones. 

Kausani Planetarium and Starscapes Observatory: 

Kausani Planetarium is one of the places in town that receives a pretty good number of visitors. Usually, people get excited about the Planetarium and related shows. This Planetarium offers astrophotography, stargazing, astrologers and starscapes. Generally, it remains open between 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. If you like astronomy and have an interest in studying the universe then you should give yourself a treat by visiting this Planetarium. The experience of observing these big concepts will motivate you and fill you with curiosity and introspection. Especially, if you are with kids, then you must visit the planetarium. It will help them to strengthen their science concepts. 


If you have read the blog till here, then you would be full of knowledge about Kausani. Now you have all the information that you need to plan your trip there. We have tried to explain this destination from a tourism point of view and attached all of the places to visit and ways to reach there in detail. Other than this, there are various other locations in Uttarakhand, which are perfect for spending vacations. Some of those are Harsil, Almora, Mukteshwar, Chakrata and Chakrata. But if you are a religious tour freak, then also you have many options for visiting. Those are Chota Char Dham, Naina Devi Temple, Panch Prayag, Panch Kedar, Panch Badri, Gopeshwar and Rishikesh. 

Q1. What are the things to do in Kausani? 

A1. The activities in which you can indulge in Kausani are enjoying views of Himalayan peaks, observing sunrise and sunset, doing adventure, camping, trekking, and nature walks in tea and apple gardens. 

Q2. Why is Kaushani famous? 

A2. Kausani is mainly famous for tea gardens and views of famous peaks like Nanda Devi and Trishul etc. However, it’s known for Gandhi Ji Ashram (Anashakti Ashram) as well. 

Q3. What’s the stay guide for Kausani? 

A3. There are enough Hotels in Kausani, where you can book your stay. You can book the hotels online to avoid any hurdle in your trip. 

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