The town of Pithoragarh in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is the largest hill station in the division. Encircled by the real essence of the natural beauty of the Himalayas, this town has been settled as a Municipal board in the Pithoragarh district. Perched at an elevation of 1,627m, it offers panoramic views of the Saur Valley. Additionally, it gives you views of snow-wrapped mountain ranges. 

It was previously known with the name of Prithvigarh. Prithvigarh was named after one of the Kings of Chand Rulers who had their lordship in Kumaon. Earlier in ADs, Piru constructed a fort here and entitled it with the name of Prithvigarh which later with time changed into Pithoragarh. 

Let’s understand this town with more depth and a tourism perspective. 

Places to visit in Pithoragarh: 

To begin with the alluring tourist attractions in and around Pithoragarh, there are some best places that are mentioned below in the article. These places can’t be missed for any reason while travelling in the vicinity. Talking about its Culture and customs, there is held a Pithoragarh Mahotsav. Here they present the demonstration of their local culture through traditional dance and music that happens to be in the Kumaoni language.

Pithoragarh Fort: 

Pithoragarh fort symbolizing the history and rich architecture of India is one of the most visited sites of the town. 

This fort had been built by Gorkhas in 1789, so-called “Gorkha Killa ” is precisely located on the top of a hill. From here tourists can have a 360° view of the Kali Kumaon Valley. It’s said that this fort was constructed for the purpose of safety and security. That’s why it was built in that way so that the people residing in the fort could see distant enemies or others from the fort. Along with the Gorakha kila. It was popular as the London Fort in earlier times. Some of the locals call it Baul ki garh also. The ticket price for visiting the Pithoragarh fort is very nominal. It’s only Rs.20 per person. But if you want to use a parking lot, then it is approximately Rs. 50 per vehicle. 

The fort is mostly visited by people who are very fond of Historical tales and lore considering its typical ancient architecture. Its background revolves around old India and makes the people feel the aura of that era. 

From the entrance of the main township the Fort is at a distance of only 1.5 km which can easily be travelled by a local, personal or even a hired mode. 

As you enter the Pithoragarh Fort, you’ll see a lot of well-trimmed green grass inside the premises. This fort is not as typical as most of the Rajasthan forts. It’s quite different from those and somehow depicts the fort architecture of mountainous terrain. 

At present, the fort has been transformed into a tourist site. And that’s why there are some of the attractions which you’ll love to explore. 


First of all, there is a museum, which stores visually appealing artefacts and insights into old times. If you feel an attachment to the rich history and culture of India, then you’d love being there. 

Local Craft Centre 

Besides the Museum, there’s a Local Craft Centre. Basically, it’s a shop or boutique consisting of unique crafts of the Pithoragarh region. Not only Pithoragarh, but the crafts present there would reflect the art of the entire Uttarakhand. So you can explore the new appealing things and purchase something as a memory of Pithoragarh. 

View Point 

View point is the exact spot, from where you can look at the majestic view of Kali Kumaon. Whoever visits the fort, come here and enjoy the whispering view. 

Restaurant and Others 

Apart from the above, there’s a restaurant inside the fort. This restaurant is entitled Kumaon Restaurant. Once you have explored every corner of Pithoragarh fort, then you can relax here and take care of your hunger. The restaurant menu has a lot of tasty cuisines, so don’t forget to satisfy your taste buds. 

Other than this, there’s a toilet also. So don’t be stressed about that. If you are visiting with the kids, then also you’ll enjoy it here. There’s a tourist information centre also inside the fort. It might be linked with some official work of tourist sites. 

Dhwaj Temple: 

Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Jayanti, this sacred shrine is on the peak of the highest mountain of the Pithoragarh town. According to the local people, here adventure the Himalayan Bear and Snow leopards. Devotees after a certain location are required to trek amidst the dense jungle to the entrance of the temple. But once you reach the top, the mesmerizing beauty is so worth beholding that one will definitely forget about its fatigue. And you will be lost in the divine powers that the temple holds. 

Askot Wildlife Sanctuary:  

For the preservation of the endangered Musk deer Species and their habitat, this very sanctuary was created in the nearby hamlet of Pithoragarh, Askot. Apart from the deer, the Park consists of a variety of Flora and fauna which is the reason behind its increasing tourism day by day. Also, other endangered animals like Indian Leopards, Bengal Tigers, Himalayan Jungle Cats, Bisen, Lemurs, and others are also spotted here. 

Diversities in the Department of Flora, have eucalyptus, teak and a huge variety of herbs and shrubs that are also being used by the locals in cooking their vegetables, for medicines, etc. 


Jauljibi is a tiny and very picturesque town in the Dharchula tehsil of the Pithoragarh district. It is in the confluence of the Kali River and Gori Ganga. Besides that, It is popularly known for its bazaars(Markets) on both sides of the river. Along with that, it is also famous for the annual trade fair which is known as the Kumaoni Festival. That is being held in November and is the great attraction of nearby places. Hence the crowd of thousands from adjacent districts come here to trade and enjoy the local dance, music and other activities organized in the fair. 

Narayan Ashram:

Nestled at an elevation of 2734 meters this Ashram was established in 1936 by Narayan Swami after whom it was named. On the route to Kailash Mansarovar, this Narayan ashram lies. In the complex of the Ashram, there are running both spiritual and co-educational centres. These centres provide knowledge to a number of students about the significance of our religion and enlighten them with the practicalities of one’s life. Because of heavy snowfall, the Ashram is closed in the winter and reopens in the summer. One must visit here and let their soul be blended with the serenity and spirituality here. 

Thal Kedar:

An Important Religious spot of the Pithoragarh town, this Thal Kedar temple is devoted to God Shiva. To reach on the top of the hill where the sanctum is placed one needs to trek through narrow paths of dense vegetation forest. The trek either starts from Nakuleshwar temple, Pithoragarh or Aincholi. 

The temple is also believed to be as old as Maa Vaishnodevi temple which tempts the devotees to come to this place. Devotees seek the holy darshan here of the Shivlinga and breathe in the peace. 

On the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, a huge fair is organized here. This fair is attended by a number of tourists and for this reason, people are planning to build an affordable kind of guest house as an accommodation. 

Arjuneswar Temple, Pithoragarh:

Again one of the pious temples of Lord Shiva was believed to have been built by one of the Pandavas brothers, Arjuna. It is elevated about 6000 feet above mean sea level. There are also some local deities, who have significance in the local community. Those deities are Shri Gangnath, Chattu, Haru, Balachan, and Chipla. These deities are being worshipped here within their separate temples in the same vicinity. All of these Devtas are worshipped with great faith in that region. 

Chandak Hill, Pithoragarh

This popular mountain range lies in the Soar Valley of Pithoragarh district. Furnishing its travellers with a gorgeous view of the Valley and mind-blowing landscapes is its best natural gift. The Valley is expanded to the Nepal border and a blend of both the cultures enjoyed by the two countries. There is a temple in the range that is dedicated to a deity named ‘Manu’. 

Mostamanu Temple, Pithoragarh: 

Mostamanu Temple is another Lord Shiva Temple, which is located in the Dhunga Bhool area of the Pithoragarh. This temple is built in a comparatively large area and it’s quite spacious also. The area around the main temple and inside the boundary is vast and adorned with small green grass. Usually, the kids like to play in this spacious area and adults can sit peacefully in the grass. Additionally, there’s a big swing, which is so big, that adults can sit and enjoy it without stressing out. So if you are in the Pithoragarh, you should visit here and create a new memory. 


Pithoragarh, a well-known town of Uttarakhand has lots of worth to visit places. And we have made good efforts to make you introduce to the most tourist sites in the town. If you have never visited here before, then it’s a good time to think about the trip here. Discuss with your friends and plan the tour to Uttarakhand. Besides Pithoragarh, there are many other heart-stealing places in Uttarakhand, which will welcome you with snowfall and hot coffee. We’d recommend you to visit Gartang Gali, Auli, Lakes of Kumaon, Nanakmatta and much more. 

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