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Nestled between Dense forest and lush grassland, this revered sanctum is in the Mukteshwar town of the Nainital district. It resides in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to the Hindu scriptures, the temple is also among the 18 most important temples of Shiva in the nation. 

The temple is said to be 350 years old and it sits on the top of a hill that can either be driven or hiked. This unpaved trek to the temple wandered through narrow muddy paths and orchards, the excursion is not very tough and can be done in 2-3 hours even by beginners. Once you reach the hilltop, you’ll have to ascend stone stairs that will lead you to God’s abode. This was a brief glimpse of the Mukteshwar temple. Now if you are interested in visiting this beautiful tourist place then read this blog till the end. 

Mukteshwar mythology: 

Following the Puranas, it is been convinced that this is the spot where a devil was killed by the hands of Lord Shiva and was awarded salvation i.e. Mukti and hence it was named Mukteshwar Dham. Mukteshwar is an expression comprising two Sanskrit words “Mukti” which means “afterlife redemption” and “Ishwar” which signifies “The divinity (God)”. 

Why is Mukteshwar temple famous:

The temple is specifically known for its magnificent architecture and breezy waterfalls. The locals here describe that this temple was built by the Katyuri Kings, who constructed the Gopinath Temple of Gopeshwar. The interior of the temple is beautifully carved and it also features enticing idols of Other deities such as the Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, and Nandi ji. 

Other than the infrastructure of the Temple, Mukestwar town lures tourists for its scenic beauty. This pilgrimage is located at a height of 2,312m. Near it, there lies a ridge which is called Chauli-ki-jali by the local people and it is also the main tourist attraction of Mukteshwar. Overall, this place is for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into the realistic composure of nature and spirituality at its best. 

How to reach Mukteshwar Dham: 

As we have informed you Mukteshwar is in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. So we would have to travel to Kumaon and thereafter, we have several ways to arrive at our destination. 

By Flight: 

In the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, the only Airport is in Pantnagar which is at a distance of 91 km from Mukteshwar. Flights from Delhi are functional 4 times a week. From the Airport junction of Pantnagar, Taxis, and Vans are always available for the Dham. 

By Train: 

The nearest Train station to Mukteshwar is Kathgodam Railway Station. It’s just 57 km away from Mukteshwar and it would take around 2-3 hours to reach. Although it depends on the vehicle you choose to travel with and the weather conditions also. 

By Road: 

There are well-paved roads that are merged with other major destinations of the Uttarakhand State. Many Buses are operational as well with affordable and luxurious amenities.  

Distance from famous cities:

The distance between Haldwani and Mukteshwar is approximately 66 km. While the distance between Nainital to Mukteshwar is only 51 Km. The nearby town Almora is also close to Mukteshwar and located at 41 Km distance. 

Mukteshwar Places to visit:

Mukteshwar is positioned at a peak where the glory of the sunbeams multiplies the majesty of the place. There are various locations of tourist interest where you will find immense joy and peace. So here we are sharing the top 10 places near Mukteshwar. If you are planning a trip then you should visit these tourist spots during your voyage to Uttarakhand. 

Mukteshwar Temple: 

The most momentous temple in the town can never go without a visitation. The temple carries the history of 350 years ago. It was also used to be a residence of Saint Mukteshwar Maharaj Ji, followed by one of his disciples, Swami Sanshudhanand Ji. The panorama view from the cliff where the temple is just mind-blowing and unlike other hill stations. The Sunrise and sunset here are so intriguing. Mainly, all of the tourists who visit Mukteshwar come here to get the Darshana of Lord Shiva. The main significance of Mukteshwar town is because of this temple. 


It is a cliffhanger point that is just 90 meters away from the main temple. It offers an extensive view of the entire Kumaon Valley and captivating snow-capped mountain ranges.  The cliff has a hole in it which is the reason from where it gets its name. This is one of the prioritized spots of Uttarakhand among the adventurous and trekking people.  

Starscapes Observatory: 

If you are an astronomy lover then what can be the best tourist spot other than this kind of observatory? It’s located in the Sargakhet area in the Mukteshwar. Here is a wonderful opportunity to observe the stars, constellations, planets and various other universe phenomena. It welcomes the visitors from 9 am to 9 pm. If you feel a connection with the sky and want to know more about it, then you must visit this starscapes observatory located in the south Gola area of Mukteshwar. 

Bandar Tekri: 

Bandar tekri is also a tourist spot of Mukteshwar. It’s located in the Bhatelia region. Often people come here to enjoy the evening and the aura of dawn. Some say that here you can witness monkeys also. There’s a beautiful view of the surrounding area and nature that you should not miss to visualize. 


Ramgarh is located about 30 km from Mukteshwar. Often tourists who are fond of exploring the nearby hidden beauty, come here to wander. Here also there are fruit gardens and beautiful views of mountainous topography. It will take approx 1 hour to reach there by vehicle. 


It’s a small hamlet that is at a distance of 34 km from Mukteshwar. This is also recognized as a hill station. This hilly area is endowed with multiple scenic attractions and is all covered with fruit orchards. Dhanachuli Bend is famous for its unique appearance. 

Bhalu Gaad Waterfall: 

Bhalugaad waterfall is one of the most visited sites in Mukteshwar. It’s located on Pokrad Road. To reach the waterfall, one needs to trek between mountains. It is a Small waterfall but the fulfillment of joy around it would be unmatched. It is only 15 km away from the Mukteshwar Dham. 

Tourists love enjoying the sound of falling water from height and it just gives a push to the heart satisfaction. It remains open between 10 am to 5 pm for the visitors. 

Sunder Khal: 

It’s a small village located at approx 15 km distance from Mukteshwar. Due to being located in a naturally beautiful region, the village has several mesmerizing points. If you are a person who loves cycling and wants to experience nature at its best, then go on a cycle ride for Sunder Khal. However, you must be cautious while cycling in this terrain. Go for the adventures at your own risk. 

Hari Nagar Aksoda: 

It’s a tourist spot, only 10 km away from the Mukteshwar town. Tourists come here to just trek and relax. Some adventurous lovers like to ride bikes on this Mukteshwar to Hari Nagar Aksoda path. If you are a balanced rider, then you can also enjoy roaming in this nearby naturescape spot. 

Teen Dhara kherdi: 

Teen Dhara is located in the Kherdi region of Uttarakhand. It’s located only 9 km from Mukteshwar. Mainly, it’s known for its views of Mountains and valleys. If you have the desire to visit nearby areas then you can come there also. 

Mukteshwar Stay guide: 

There is a huge range of properties with perfect housing facilities that one can have a preference for. Most hotels and resorts here are labelled 2-star. Some deluxe, semi-deluxe, and Luxury lodgings are also feasible in the town.  In case one wants to have a homely feeling, then Homestays are also run here by the local people with under-budget tariffs. Sometimes, the hotels include breakfast and dinner and sometimes it has to be paid separately. So do not worry about the stay, because there are enough options to get accommodation as you wish. However, it would be best if you booked your hotel online. 

Note: Basic Charges for accommodations start from 1800-2000 for one night with a double occupancy. 

Food guide: 

With splendid mountain ranges and dense woodlands, the Kumaoni Region is rated as one of the best holiday spots in India. However, the Pahadi food here works as an Ice on the cake. The Kumaoni cuisines are very popular across the country. It includes a variety of meals rich in Vitamins and other nutrients. 

Several eateries in the town serve Kumaoni Foods. Although they serve other kinds of foods also. Every restaurant and cafe has its style of preparing meals but overall the primary objective of nourishing the body with natural herbs and vegetables is seen. 

In case, tourists desire to have some other cuisine for them. There are other in-built restaurants, and other eating corners that deliver a multiplicity of food also. 


Here in this blog, we have introduced you to a perfect short-trip spot in Mukteshwar. It’s located near the famous Nainital town in Uttarakhand. Here are several outstanding tourist spots that are worth visiting to fill the wanderlust. If you are planning to visit somewhere for a long time, then it’s the perfect destination to escape. Just pack your bags and get ready to rock on the trip to Uttarakhand. While returning, you will have countless precious memories and mental peace. We, Travel Acharya, aim to provide convenient and secure trips, if you are looking for someone to guide you then just approach us through the contact number mentioned on the website. 


Q1) How many days are required to visit Mukteshwar? 

A1) To experience the genuine beauty of the place, ideally Mukteshwar needs a 2-day and 1-night stay. But, if you are only visiting the main deity’s temple, then one day is sufficient. 

Q2) Which time is best for travelling to the Mukteshwar Dham?  

A2) The Best time to visit Mukteshwar is from April-June when the weather is soothing and pleasant. But if you want to experience more cold weather then you should visit in November and February months. 

Q3) What are the activities to do in Mukteshwar?

A3) There will be so many opportunities to indulge in and have fun. Some of the activities that tourists prefer most are Camping, sky gazing, mountain cycling, bike riding, photography, sunrise-sunset observing, and visualizing fruit gardens. 

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