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Take some time to explore the local sites of Sonprayag. 


Amidst the gigantic mountain ranges, enormous alpine trees, mystical rivers, and other beautiful natural surroundings the town of Sonprayag is located in the way of Kedarnath Dham. Here we scrutinize a remarkable blend of raw beauty and spiritual essence. Mainly, the town is a prominent tourist destination for the Chota Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand state. It’s specifically known for its scenic views and the Sangam of the Mandakini River and Basuki. Sonprayag is situated at an elevation of 1829 meters in the Rudraprayag district and as a result, a cold atmosphere is dominant. 

Almost all of the pilgrims who visit the Chota Char Dham, need to come to Sonprayag also. Therefore, here in this blog, we are going to introduce you to the local tourist spots of Sonprayag and in short a guide from Sonprayag to Kedarnath Dham. So that, if you have time, then you can explore these mystical places. 

Significance of Sonprayag: 

The Prayag means the confluence of two rivers. Sonprayag town lies at the intersection point of River Mandakini and River Basuki, both hallowed rivers in Hinduism. Locals and saints have faith that diving into the river can rinse away all your evils and you can go on the way to finding Moksha i.e. Salvation. 

According to Hindu Mythology, this place is supposed to be where the marriage of Lord Shiva and the daughter of King Himavant, Parvati was performed. The Triyuginarayan temple where the actual marriage happened is located nearby. The tourists come to the Triyuginarayan temple to seek blessings before the marriage ceremony. Even a lot of spiritual people host their wedding at the same venue. 

Besides this, It also offers breathtaking panoramas of the Alpine and Snowflake mountains, gusting rivers with a gleam, and rich greenery all around its corners. There runs a surfeit of adventure activities and so much to explore for every age group or everyone. 

Travel details from Sonprayag to Kedarnath: 

The main excursion to Kedarnath starts from the Sonprayag. The difficulty level of the trek is considered moderate but one needs to be physically fit and have the potential stamina as the Kedarnath temple is highly elevated. From Sonprayag, the Kedarnath temple is 22 Km away. One can either choose to trek to Sonprayag or hire a taxi or van to reach Gaurikund and from there onwards you need to walk to the main temple. 

The route goes through captivating huge Meadows, snow-capped mountains, and rivers. If you have enough strength to Trek on the way then you’ll find a great chance to see the rare beauty of the greater Himalayas. 

Besides it, there are several helicopter service booths near the Sonprayag. If you are not comfortable with trekking to the Kedarnath temple then you should go for helicopter assistance. The helicopter Yatra might cost higher but it will save you time and fatigue. 

How to reach Sonprayag: 

It Is located en route to Kedarnath between Rudraprayag and Gaurikund. From the main district of Rudraprayag, the recorded distance between the two is approximately 73 km. If you travel by taxi, then it will take approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes to cover this distance. The main places that you’ll witness in the Rudraprayag to Sonprayag road route are Tilwara, Augustmuni, Chandrapuri, Bhiri, Guptkashi, Narayankoti, Phata, Rampur and Sitapur. 

Here are several modes that you can take to reach Sonprayag: 

By Flight: 

The Airport near the town is Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun from where taxis and vans are easily available to Sonprayag. The distance is approximately 222 km. 

By Rail:  

The railway stations of Rishikesh and Haridwar are approximately 250 and 275 km away from Sonprayag respectively. The trains are not available for further locations, so you have to take the assistance of a Bus or taxi. 

By Road: 

Sonprayag has a well-connected road to the major cities of Uttarakhand. There’s a bus stand also in the town, so you can get a Bus from there. Although the buses are not allowed to go on the Kedarnath side further, you can go in the reverse direction from there. In short, you will not face any trouble in finding transport to Sonprayag.  

Places to visit in Sonprayag: 

Shri Mata Shakambhari Devi Mandir: 

This temple of Mata Shakambhari Devi is dedicated to Goddess Shakti who incarnated on the earth to break down the crisis for food. It is also assumed that when Lord Shiva was going aimlessly carrying the mortal remains of his wife, Sati. Then the Sudarshan chakra of Lord Vishnu hit and cut her off into pieces. Her head fell to the kedar hills and it has been called Shaktipeeth since then. The Goddess here is also known as Bhagwati Bhuvneshwari and Shatakshi. 

The temple is at a distance of 5.4 km from Sonprayag. 

Shaktirupini Devi Mandir: 

This is a religious site in the Sonprayag that you shouldn’t miss to visit. The temple is an illustration of the North Indian Architecture. Its location is hardly 5-6 km away from the Sonprayag and is a must-visit for all the devotees. Many of the pilgrims come here to seek blessings from the deity Kali Mata l, who’s also known as Dhari Devi. Beside the temple, the Alaknanda River flows and enriches the all-around atmosphere. The river adds more holy vibes to the site. 

This beautiful temple has a big complex and is painted with an off-white colour. Additionally, the elegant carvings on the interior walls and in the outer shell of the temple are alluring. If you are in the town, then you must take some time to get the blessings of Devi Maa. 

Sonprayag Ghat: 

The Ghat is on the bank of River Mandakini and presents a spiritual and godly background. It brings eternal euphoria and stagnation to the soul as well as life. And one attains pure bliss and pleasure just by sitting near the holy river. It is referred to as a place of worship. The Ghat is so neat and clean. Many labourers are assigned to maintain the Ghat daily. It is also believed that taking a dip in its water is auspicious and can let you prevail over all your vulnerable points. 

The Sonprayag Ghat is hardly 3.7 km away from the main entrance of the town. So if you are staying in Sonprayag, then you must go to this Ghat.

Kedarnath Temple:  

Who doesn’t know about the Kedarnath Dham, one of the most visited sites in Uttarakhand? Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple was built by the Pancha Pandavas. The temple is at a height of 3,583 m and is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the world. It is considered the main shrine in the Chota Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand. The Sonprayag is considered the base location for the Kedarnath Dham trek

In Winters, the idol of the temple gets shifted to Ukhimath and is worshipped there for another 6 months. So if you are in Sonprayag, you must head for the one and only Kedarnath Dham temple.

Mandakini Viewpoint: 

You can seek its importance by its name only. Yes, it’s a viewpoint to observe the Mandakini river. From this point of the Uttarakhand, the view of the holy River Mandakini is very soulful and mind-relaxing. It is among the major tourist attractions of Sonprayag. If you have never tried then you must go to this point and observe the river’s flow. Watching the flowing river and listening to the sound of flowing water at a particular frequency gives a meditation-like experience. 

From the Sonprayag, the viewpoint is barely 5.3 km away. 

Rambara Bridge: 

While trekking from Gaurikund to Kedarnath, this beautiful bridge lies in the village of Rambara. The scenery from the bridge is loved by almost every traveller. The main attraction is because of its surroundings, a green dense forest, with a river flowing under the bridge. It appears exactly filmy and perfect for capturing some photographs. 

Vindhyavasini temple: 

At the foothills of the Himalayas, the temple of Maa Parvati is situated and is visited by many devotees every year. There are 150 steps that one needs to ascend to attain the Darshans of the Goddess.  

The area is encircled by many scenic views and natural beauty that can’t go unnoticed.  It is also a nice spot to feel the fresh air and spiritual ambience for the adherents.  

The Vindhyavasini temple is Only 12 km away from Sonprayag. 

Sonprayag Hotels and Food Guide: 

If you are thinking of going to Chota Char Dham Yatra, then you must be introduced to the Sonprayag. It’s one of the important locations to reach the main temples. The most concerning thing about the high-elevation areas is to stay. That’s why we are here to tell you that Sonprayag hotels have enough space to make your stay comfortable. Here you can take a pause and relax. Although there are not very furnished and luxurious stay options, you’ll get moderate Hotels easily. Besides that, there are several food points, where you can get the desired food. Overall, you’ll not have to face problems with basic accommodation and meals. 


This blog was about the Sonprayag village of Uttarakhand. We have shared all the required relevant information about the place. There are several places to visit in Sonprayag that are mentioned in the blog in detail. Besides that, the guide from Sonprayag to Kedarnath is also explained in brief. We hope that this information will help you in planning the Chota Char Dham vacation. If you are looking forward to planning the trip, and have some queries regarding that, then feel comfortable to contact us. We will try our best to deliver the accurate details to you. In addition, we provide assistance in Uttarakhand Yatra, so you can visit our homepage for the tour packages. 


Q1. Are there chances of snowfall in Sonprayag? 

A1. Yes, Sonprayag receives moderate amounts of snowfall in the extremely cold months of winter. However, the Chota Char Dham Yatra remains inaccessible during the extreme 6 months of the year. 

Q2. What’s the mystery story behind the Sonprayag? 

A2. The Hindu tales reveal something surprising about the mystery of Sonprayag. These stories say that Lord Shiva had transformed the surrounding Rocky area into the Golden area made of gold. They say that this is the reason why this village is known as Sonprayag.

Q3. What’s the distance between Sonprayag and Kedarnath? 

A3. The approximate distance between the Sonprayag and Kedarnath is 22 Km. Firstly, you should reach the Gaurikund from the Sonprayag, and then move towards the Kedarnath Dham. 

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