Nainital is one of the most beautiful hill stations and preferred tourist attractions in India. It is situated in the Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand and is known as the Kumaon jewel. This city is famous for its lake views, relaxing cold weather, valley viewpoints, waterfalls and a number of beautiful sites. The aura of Nainital attracts the attention of tourists from all over India. Especially, newlywed couples prefer Nainital as their honeymoon destination. One can enjoy many outdoor activities here, like boating, yachting, and paddling on the beautiful lake, and can visit the Zoo, Temples, Gardens, and SnowPoints. If you’re planning a holiday trip to Nainital, and want to explore it all. You must read this article to learn about Nainital, a lake city, its main attractions, and some interesting facts.

Nainital Weather 

Snowfall: Snowfall in Nainital usually occurs from December to January. 

Average Temperature: Nainital reported 7-28℃ during March-June (Comfortably warm days).

  • It is 0 to to15℃ from October-February.
  • Although it seems a very extremely cold place during snow time as the temperature goes 0℃ to -10 ℃ in the night-time. 

Overall the best time to visit Nainital is April to September, and if you want to visit for snowfall then plan your trip in between December and January.

Nainital Places to visit 

Naini Lake: 

Naini Lake which is mango-shaped is the main attraction of this hill station. It is also known as Nainital. The origin of the name, is said that the left eye (Nain) of the Hindu Goddess Sati fell here when her husband Lord Shiva was carrying her Charred body. Also, the lake is formed in an emerald eye shape. Thus, the name Naina is derived from that eye (Naina) and taal means lake. If you are in this hill station, then visiting the lake is a must. You’ll enjoy a lot around the lake. Swimming in Naina Lake is not advised due to the depth of the Lake. So don’t try to swim here.

Eco Cave Garden: 

The Garden offers a Majestic view of 6 Caves With the one-time entry fees of all Caves. It is a perfect example of Natural and man-made efforts. One must visit here between 9:30 to 5:30 on all days. The approximate entry charges are Rs 60 for Adults, Rs. 25 for Children and Rs. 25 for Camera.

GB Pant Zoo, Nainital: 

The Zoo is considered one of the High Altitude Zoos in Northern India and is spread over 4.6 hectares. You Can see Birds like lady pheasant, Golden pheasant, red Jungle fowl and Rose-ringed parakeets here. Additionally, you can see animals like Snow Leopards, Himalayan civets, wolves, Japanese Macaque, Royal Bengal Tiger, barking deer and Himalayan beer. If you are an animal lover, then this place is going to give you a lot of joyous moments. 

  • You can visit here between 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and the zoo remains closed on Mondays and national holidays. 
  • Entry fees for adults are Rs. 50, for children is Rs.20, for camera Rs 25 and for video cameras it’s Rs. 200. 

Snow View Point Nainital: 

The snow viewpoint is another important tourist point located on Maldon Cottage Road, which offers the panoramic Snow Valley and mountains of the Himalayan views. It is just 1.3 km away from the centre of the City Nainital, so you can get there by taxi easily. This viewpoint is free of cost and one can reach at the top by ropeway cable car also. The ropeway ride will definitely delight you with majestic views of hills and valleys. Usually, tourists like to capture photographs from the snowy viewpoint. If you are fond of that, bring your camera to click scenic views. Apart from that, the timings are 10.30 to 5.00 pm and are closed on Saturday. We highly recommend you visit this place and enjoy your trip. 

Hotel Snow View Heritage

Besides that, there’s an old British governor’s house, which has been renovated into a Hotel Snow View Heritage. This hotel will give you that old-era vibes and a perfect spot to relax. You can explore this hotel also. 

Adventure Park Nainital

The interesting thing is that there’s an Adventure Park in that snow viewpoint area. Let me tell you, that this adventure park is well developed and designed in an attractive playful theme, with several statues of animals and cartoons. It has multiple adventurous rides that will thrill you for sure. Some of the adventures available here for you are given below. You can look into the list to get the overview. 

  • Tower 360° 
  • Bumping Car 
  • Go-Karting 
  • Zipline 
  • Zip Cycle 
  • Climbing wall
  • Toy plane 
  • Jumping 

Snow View Point Dinosaur Park: 

Along with the adventure park, there’s Dinosaur Park also. It is mainly designed in a Dinosaur theme and has multiple attractive statues of Dinosaurs and their eggs. Usually, kids enjoy this place a lot, so if you have kids then come here with them. 

Restaurants and Shops in Adventure Park:

In addition to that, there’s a restaurant, where you can enjoy snacks like Maggi and all. A few shopping boutiques selling unique artefacts, clothes, etc. are also present outside the adventure park entrance. One of these shops is named a Shopping Paradise. Overall this snow viewpoint is a complete package of fun activities, that will make your visit worth it. You must come here to experience something never enjoyed. 

Tiffin Top Point: 

Tiffin’s top point is the top point of Nainital and is 4 km uphill from the city centre. This name originated when people started taking their tiffins and lunchboxes with them. After trekking for 2 hours one can witness the beauty and calmness here.

St. John Wilderness Church:

This ancient church was laid by Bishop Daniel in 1844 and is considered one of the oldest buildings in Nainital. It is situated near Sukha Tal. The church has a history of graves of Britishers in 1905 due to the earthquake. The opening timings are 7.00 Am to 06:30 pm throughout the week (Monday to Saturday) except for Sunday: 09:00 Am to 06:30 PM. 

Jama Masjid: 

Jama Masjid Nainital was built in the era of the Britishers in 1882 near Mallitaal Police Station. This beautiful Masjid is one of the tourist attractions of Nainital. And one most interesting thing is there is a cricket pitch near this mosque and matches are held here frequently. This is considered a holy place of Islam, but it is open to all, everyone can visit here. 

Hanuman Garhi: 

Hanuman Garhi is a famous temple of Hanuman Ji. It’s an ideal location to fuel yourself with positivity and calmness. This temple has the main idol of Lord Hanuman which is visible from the main center market of the Nakutiachal. The temple is situated in the Naukuchiatal of district Nainital. Lord Hanuman has played a significant role in the Ramayana of Lord Rama and is known as the incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple is open for all between 5.00 am to 12.00 pm and 4-7.00 pm. 

Other Nearby Places to Visit in Nainital: 

  • Maa Naina Devi Mandir
  • Lover’s Point
  • Frog Point
  • Sherwood Cliffs Hiking Area
  • Woodland Waterfall
  • Himalayan Botanical Garden
  • Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve 
  • Pasan Devi Temple in Tallital
  • B.M. Shah Open Air Theatre 
  • Statue of Uttarakhand Freedom Fighters
  • Raj Bhavan Governor House
  • Golf Course

Things to do In Nainital: 


If you enjoy being in the water, then boating is one of the activities that you should try here. Naini Lake is already famous for boating. When you’re around the lake, you can see several colourful boats floating in the lake. The boating charges are very genuine, so just go on a water ride and enjoy the mist-foggy weather and hill view combination from the boat. 


Camping is another dopamine-rushing activity that you can do in Nainital. There are several camping options here with distinct amenities, so you can choose anyone according to your preferences. Basically, Living in camps, stargazing, bonfires, and musical nights are some of the insights of camping, that you’ll get almost in all camps. If you have never lived in camps, then it’s high time to give your soul wings. 


Nainital has various beautiful points like Lover’s Point, Naina Peak etc., which offer you stunning views and tranquillity. You can go on trekking to these points with your tripmates and enjoy the trekking adventure amid beautiful hills and goosebumps-giving weather. 

Adventure sports: 

There are various adventure sports clubs in this hill station, which will take you to extreme fun rides. If you are visiting Nainital for the first time, then you can reach these clubs by taking the help of any local taxi drivers.


Usually, people like to purchase something from trip destinations, so that it could remind them of the beautiful moments spent there. Hence, we are suggesting you shop for something from here also. Nainital is famous for unique candles, shawls, woollen clothes and Tibetan items. If you have no idea of shopping, then you can buy any of these from here. Mostly, people purchase unique candles for their loved ones from here, so you also can try that. 


In the evening, cycling on Mall Road of Nainital hits deeply. If you want to experience more joy and cherish your trip, then you must go cycling here. There are a few clubs on Mall Road, that provide you with Bicycles for a nominal fee per hour. From there, you can take the bicycle and go on a solo or duo ride. 


In this blog, we have looked into the beautiful hill Station Nainital. Nainital is located close to the towns RanikhetAlmora, Haldwani and Rampur. Most of the people who come here, plan their short trips to nearby religious sites Mukteshwar and Kainchi Dham. We have mentioned almost all of the important sites of Nainital, where you can visit and spend your quality time. In addition, the hill station is well developed and has multiple stay options like resorts, luxury suits, budget-friendly hotels etc. In a nutshell, this place is perfect for planning your trip. Now why are you taking time to book your tickets to Kathgodam Railway Station? 

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