Exploring this hidden space of Uttarakhand would be a new experience for everyone. Most people can’t think of anything other than an ordinary place or just know about a few destinations of Uttarakhand. Nestled amongst the admiring landscape, this quaint town is on the banks of river Sharda which is also known as Kali River. Tanakpur is basically based in the Champawat district, adjacent to the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Apart from that, Tanakpur is also considered and remembered as a business town of the Kumaon region because of its proximity to Nepal, and Uttar Pradesh. It is hardly located 3 km away from the Indo-Nepal border. 

Undoubtedly, Tanakpur serves as a gateway to the mountainous area of the Kumaon region. And not only this is a town but also a municipal board at an elevation of 255 m. 

Tanakpur weather:

Talking about its weather, it keeps on changing, depending on the seasons.  But because of being situated at a comparatively lower elevation, this is not as cold as other major tourist attractions of Uttarakhand, Valley of Flowers, Auli etc. 

Summer season in Tanakpur: 

During the summer season in Tanakpur, the average temperature lasts between 25-26°C. The highest temperature goes up to 30° and the minimum temperature is 20°. The season starts in the month of April and lasts till the end of June. 

Tanakpur Monsoon Season: 

From July onwards, the months of August and September, the town receives an adequate amount of rainfall

And along with the rainwater, the rain brings calmness, coolness and freshness to the environment. We can say that the tourists who enjoy rain would like to come to Tanakpur in this season. In addition to that, the roads of Tanakpur are not very steep and critical. Hence there are almost negligible unfortunates of land sliding and other similar natural disasters. However, you should check the current weather conditions in Tanakpur before taking off from your hometown. 

Tanakpur Winter Season: 

The winter season begins in Tanakpur from the month of October till the month of February. One would be required to carry woollen clothes along with them while travelling in the said area during winter. The maximum temperature in winter here is 15° and the minimum is 4°. 

Tanakpur places to visit:

Generally, Tanakpur used to be known among the public for its ancient and famous shrine of Maa Purnagiri Devi Temple.  But nowadays, the wanderlust is increasing in the Indians. Hence, people are researching deeply and prefer to visit not-so-popular sites.

So understanding the future tourism scope, we are sharing some other worth-visiting locations of Tanakpur. As it is not such a well-known tourist destination, the chances are you may not be familiar with a place that deserves at least a glance. 

Boom Temple: Shri Adya Shakti Peeth

As you can guess, it’s a Devi Mandir dedicated to Maa Adya Bhagwati. The temple is painted with bright white colour and adorned with many small red flags representing Goddess energy. Among the Hindus, red flags and chunri are considered the signs of the Goddess. Therefore, pilgrims purchase Pooja essentials including Red Chunri, flowers, Prasad and Nariyal (Coconut) from the small shops outside the temple. And all of these religious things are offered to Devi Maa by her innocent devotees. If you are in the town, you must visit this nearby temple. It will infuse the good and warming energy in your life.
This temple is located on the Purnagiri road of Tanakpur, so you can easily reach there. In addition, it remains open from 9 Am to 6 Pm for visitors, so consider the time before visiting.

Sharda Ghat of Tanakpur: 

On the National Highway-125 of Tanakpur, this Sharda ghat is located. The Ghat is basically a bank of rivers, where the river depth is comparatively lower and safe for humans. 

The water of the ghat is very clean and pure. So thousands of devotees who come to seek darshans in the holy shrine of Purnargiri Devi take baths here before going to the temple. Religiously, it is believed that whoever takes a bath in the ghat, all the sins done by them get washed out there. 

Because of its significance, the ghat is also known as the Purnargiri Sharda Ghat. In a nutshell, it is considered a Sacred ghat. Additionally, various religious rituals in the Hindu culture are also performed here. Such as Pinddan, which is for offering homage to the soul of our ancestors, Children’s Mundan, and other customs are also done here. 

The vibe of sacred rivers Ghat is something very unique and spiritual. The tourists who come here, do Deep Daan (flowers and a flame holding Mitti Diya). It looks amazing to see it flowing with the waves of the river. So visit this place and enjoy the religious vibe present here. 

Tanakpur, Indo-Nepal Canal:

The main purpose of the canal was to divert the water of the Mahakali River. It flows at Sharda Barrage towards the Nepal side. The objective behind constructing this Indo-Nepal Canal was to aid the peasants there for the purpose of irrigation in their farms. Ideally, this treaty is known as the Mahakali treaty. 

To the canal from the main highway of Tanakpur, it is only 3 km and will take 8-10 min to travel. At the time of the evening, when the lights above the canal switch on. It looks beautiful and attractive to see. So if you are in Tanakpur, then you should visit this canal area in the evening. You along with your trip mates can leisurely stroll near the water for around 1-1:30 hours. The peaceful time spent here will make you feel very calm and relaxed. 

Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary:

Along with the two widespread National sanctuaries of Jim Corbett National Park and Rajaji National Park, this newly constructed tiger reserve is attracting crowds from all over the country. This wildlife sanctuary lies between the Gola River and the Sharda River in the forest area of Haldwani Sal. The wildlife has a wide area including the five ranges of Chakata, Nandhaur, Dhanda, Sharda, and Jauasal. 

By the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the reserve has been declared the third tiger reserve in the state. Before this, the rank had been achieved by the Shivalik Elephant Reserve in 2002.

Mayawati Ashram:

In the Lohaghat region of the Champawat district, this picturesque ashram is settled, amid the Old Tea Estate area, precisely. With a distance of 96 km from Tanakpur, the ashram offers a sense of sacredness and tranquillity. The ashram is really popular among the devotees and they come here from all around the globe. It has accommodation facilities and libraries that were once recognised by the respected Swami Vivekanand. 

Abbott Mount:

This is a very pleasant and charming town and a beautiful hill station situated at the top of the Kali Kumaon region in the Champawat district. This mountain came into existence during the early 20th century and was discovered by an English businessman called ‘John Harold Abbott’. The mountain is fully encircled with lofty trees of Pine and deodar. It serves as a home for different varieties of Himalayan birds. So it’s one of the places nearby Tanakpur that you should visit. 

Banbasa Barrage:

Adjacent to the Nepal border, the barrage has a lot to offer to its visitors including nature scenic views and appreciating landscape. This barrage is built above the Sharda River on Tanakpur-Khatima road. A picnic park is also there near the barrage for kids and adults to enjoy and relish the natural beauty of the mountains. At a distance of 7.5 km from Tanakpur, this bridge is constructed in the Bambasa town. 

Tanakpur Hotels Guide:

If you are thinking of visiting the Tanakpur or Purnagiri Devi Temple then you might be concerned about your stay. Hence here we are assuring you that there are enough hotels to stay in Tanakpur. Some of the hotels are of moderate level, which will provide you with basic amenities. While some of the hotels would be of good quality, which will ensure your comfort stay there. Generally, the price for the hotels ranges between Rs. 800 to 2500. In most of the hotels, only 2 adults and 1 child are allowed to stay in one room. So if you are going with your big family, then consider the hotels which are suits for a stay.


This blog was about Tanakpur, a town in Uttarakhand, which deserves your attention. We have shared the available information about Tanakpur, which will help you to visit there. If you are someone who wants to explore unexplored places, then you should book your tickets to this town. Let me tell you that, the town is moderately developed, so you don’t have to hustle for getting good hotels and restaurants. 

Besides that, if you want to spend time in some other places of Uttarakhand then you can consider Chakrata, Chopta, Deoria tal, and so on.  

Q1) Which river flows in Tanakpur? 

A1) River Kali descends in the plains of Tanakpur from the Trans-Himalayas and flows throughout the city. It is called Sharda River by the locals. Interestingly the river is named Kali because of its synonymous fierce nature with the Goddess Kali.  

Q2) Is Tanakpur a hilly area? 

A2) No, the area till Tanakpur in the Kumaon falls under the category of plain area. From Tanakpur, the mountainous region of Kumaon starts. 

Q3) Why is Tanakpur famous? 

A3) The municipal board Tanakpur is primarily famous for its sacred temple of Maa Purnagiri and also the voyage to Kailash starts from here. 

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