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Munsiyari, a hill station and sub-division in the Pithoragarh district is popular for its conjuring scenic beauty and weather. It’s located at 2200 m of elevation, which plays a significant role in making this cold and ideal for tourism. Even the Munsiyari word refers to the Place covered with snow. The name itself expresses the character of the site. Besides that, this beautiful hill station is situated on the bank of the river Goriganga. Along with it, Munsiyari is surrounded by rich forests like Khaliya, Zimya, Nabik and Munsyari itself. This hill station is understood to be located in the Johar Valley and offers views of Nanda Devi, Hansling and Panchhuli peaks. 

Munsiyari is known as the beginning point for several interior Himalayan treks. Some resources tell us that this is the area where the ancient salt route for Tibet existed. One more interesting thing about here is that it’s rich in biodiversity. There are several unique bird species and other animals like Jungle cat etc. which enhances the adventurous spirit. This was a glimpse only, let us know the places to visit in Munsiyari. 

Places to visit in Munsiyari

Nanda Devi Temple 

Nanda Devi temple is a religious site dedicated to Hindu Goddess Nanda Devi. The temple is located in such a beautiful location of Munsiyari, from where you can see the soul-relaxing 360° scenes of mountain peaks and valleys. Maa Nanda Devi is more popular in northern states of India like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. The best thing about the temple is that it’s located in a peaceful, not crowded topography. And this is why it makes devotees feel more spiritual and calm here. 

The Temple of Maa Nanda Devi is painted in simple white and red colour and is adorned with various small red chunri tied by devotees, hanging around the temple. If you are in Munsiyari, then you must take some time to give yourself a spiritual uplift by getting the Darshan of Maa Nanda.

Tribal Heritage Museum

The Tribal Heritage Museum of Munsiyari is located in the Nanasem area. This is a museum that has the artefacts and insights of tribal culture. When you visit the museum, and observe the precious things present there, you’ll get a close idea about the livelihood of tribes. Somewhere this museum visit would make you walk in the lane of old civilization and you’ll be able to imagine the past era when we all were tribes. If you are a traveller who has an interest in history and art & culture, then you must come here and observe the artefacts that deserve appreciation. This museum remains open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., so plan your visit accordingly. 

Khaliya top

Khaliya Top is a trekking location, from where you’ll get the opportunity of looking at enchanting views of Mountains and critical terrain. Most people love to Trek on this trail and get immense joy during the whole encounter with Khaliya top. If you have a heart for trekking then you must save one day for this location. You just have to pack some of your essentials like snacks, energy chocolates, water bottles, and similar things in a backpack and escape for the wonderful trek with your trip mates. 

Birthi Falls 

Birthi waterfall is one of the most charming sites in Munsiyari. And the reason behind this is its blissful beauty given by nature. If you are a great observer you’ll find that green shrubs around the waterstream seem like a bright green blanket and a milk stream is flowing in between that. Besides that, the round and oval-shaped stones on the bottom of the waterfall enhance the beauty of these falls more and more. 

As far as we know, almost everybody has a special corner for the waterfalls. Because the sound and view of it hits very deeply to the soul and just heals the mind from a lot of sorrow within a few seconds. No matter how hectic you are feeling, once you are in front of Birthi waterfall, you’ll forget everything and will just indulge in enjoying the cold splashes and drops of water streams. And this is why you should add Birth Falls to your travel list in Munsiyari. 

Maheshwar Kund 

Maheshwar Kund is a small lake in Munsiyari that keeps sacred significance and is known as Maheswari Kund. To your knowledge, a small lake or pond that has some religious importance is called ‘Kund’ among Hindus. So the Maheshwari kund is amid the green cover of various trees and forest-like surroundings. Mainly, the visitors come here due to its religious significance. You along with your friends or family can relax beside the kund. There are a few downstairs for the lake, you can sit there and observe the rare surroundings. Although, the area around the kund is pretty lacking in human resources, so you should try to visit here with your group. And return to your stay location before the night comes. 

Lichen Park in Munsiyari

Lichen Park in Munsiyari is one of the most significant places in respect of biodiversity. Lichens are the result of a symbiosis partnership between algae and fungi. The interesting thing about these lichens is that they are found only in pollution-free areas. That’s why they are understood as pollution indicators also. Fortunately, Munsiyari has been recognised as one of the Lichen Rich or hotspot areas. Overall, Uttarakhand is home to about 1000 lichen species and the Pithoragarh district only has approximately 300 species. That’s why various lichen species are conserved in this lichen park. Some of those species are Graphis scripta, Bulbothrix sensibilis, Chrysothrix chlorina, Cladonia coniocraea, and Usnea pectinata. 

The park has an interpretation centre, library, and some attractive animal statues. The park visit will definitely make you aware and sincere about sensitive topics like climate change, global warming and pollution. 

If you are a botany or environment student or interested in biodiversity, then you must visit this uncommon lichen park and look at the conserved species there. 

Munsiyari Hill Top View Point

The viewpoint is in the lap of Munsiyari, from where you can see the most perfect scene of mountain peaks, human settlements, forests and valleys. And that’s why this site is now famous as a hilltop viewpoint among tourists. Everybody who comes to Munsiyari visits this viewpoint and captures some of the best clicks of nature. Especially those who are nature lovers must walk to this point. 

Darkot Village 

It’s a nearby small village of Uttarakhand, which can offer you village tourism. If you have always lived in civilised cities, and don’t know the lifestyle and livelihood of people residing in interior villages of India. Then you must visit this nearby small village Darkot. It’s located at approx 5-6 Km distance from Munsiyari. If you are physically fit, you can also walk around the village. It will take hardly 2 hours to reach the pedestrian. These villagers are experts in making handicrafts and knitted woollen clothes. You should explore their local talent and give them needed appreciation. Besides that, the area around the village will give you the perfect vibe of interior village tourism and somehow it will uplift your vision of life. 

Thamri Kund 

Thamri Kund is another small lake in the Munsiyari. It’s a bit similar to the Maheshwar Kund. The travellers know Thamri Kund as a hiking trail also. It means the Thamri Kund hiking trail is famous among hikers. So if you want to hike then make your plan for the Thamri Kund. The trekking trail has lush green trees and shrubs that will keep recharging you to hike. 

Local Spots in Munsiyari: 

Some local spots that you can visit and gain some new experiences are given below. If you have time and wish then it’s better to wander than sitting in a corner. 

  • Betuli Dhar 
  • Hot water spring 
  • Tulip Garden 
  • Harkot waterfall
  • Chhipla Kedar Temple 
  • Gangnath Temple 
  • Jaldevi Temple 
  • Kalamuni Temple 
  • Fagua waterfall 
  • Gayatri Chetna Kendra 

How to reach Munsiyari 

Munsiyari is located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. As we all know the terrain of Uttarakhand is not so plain that trains and heavy vehicles could reach up to the doorstep of your destination. That’s why we must reach the nearest railway station or airport and then take assistance from available transport to reach the doorstep. Let’s look at the most convenient way to reach Munsiyari. 

By Train

The nearest railway station to Munsiyari is Tanakpur Railway Station. Which is approximately 274 Km away from there. So wherever you live, book the tickets for Tanakpur. 

By Airway 

The nearest airport to Munsiyari is Pantnagar Airport which is about 370 km distant. This distance is a bit long, but there are fewer transport options at that altitude. So firstly come to Pantnagar Airport by flight and then proceed to beautiful Munsiyari. 

By Road 

Many travellers prefer road trips by their private vehicle because it offers them a more comfortable and joyful journey. So if you are the one then firstly know about the critical terrain of Uttarakhand. You must hire a professional driver who has command in high-altitude driving. Otherwise, it would be a very tough task to drive in hilly areas. When you go through the road to Munsiyari, some of the places that you will witness en route are Tanakpur, Champawat, Lohaghat, Pithoragarh, Askote and Darma. 

Some other places that are comparatively close to Munsiyari are Kapkot, Berinag and Didihat. 

Some of the smaller places that are closer are Madalkiya, Umali, and Sagari, in distances 37 Km, 30 Km, and 44 km, respectively. 

Distance of Munsiyari from:

  • The distance between Munsiyari and Jageshwar Dham (a famous Heritage site) is approximately 190 Km. It will take 6.5 hours to reach by taxi. 
  • Berinag is 100 Km away from the Munsiyari. 
  • Kapkot and Didihat are 104 and 114 Km away from Munsiyari respectively. 
  • It’s about 203 km away from Ranikhet, which is another beautiful hill station. 
  • Bageshwar is 126 km away from here. 
  • Kausani, a hill station that is home to Hindi Literature legend Sumitranandan Pant and famous for tea gardens is 162 Km away from here. 
  • Pithoragarh is 129 km away from here. You can reach there in approx 4 hours by four-wheeler. 


We hope, you would have found all the required details about Munsiyari, that you need before visiting there. It’s really a good place to visit and stay for a few days. If you keep searching for the hidden places of Uttarakhand to explore then it’s one of those for sure. However, the way to reach there is a bit challenging, but when your spirit is high then you can convert those challenges into adventures and reach your destination without stress. Some other places of Uttarakhand like Auli, Guptkashi, Uttarkashi and Gopeshwar are worth visiting, if you have not explored these places before, then plan your trip now. 

Q1. What are the things to do in Munsiyari? 

A1. You can indulge in several activities on your Munsiyari trip like hiking, camping, sight watching, nature photography and so on. 

Q2. How’s the Munsiyari weather? 

A2. It’s very cold there, so you must pack warm clothes in your travel bag. Don’t forget to bring some altitude sickness medicines for emergencies. 

Q3. How many days are enough for the Munsiyari trip?

A3. You can explore this hill station in 2-3 days. But if you have more time then consider other nearby hill stations to wander. 

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