Surrounded by the picturesque hills of the Kumaon region that lies in the Uttarakhand state of India, there are some prominent lakes known for their unmatched aura and eminence charm. Enveloping these lakes, Nainital is also named the Lake District of India. Both National and international travellers have been tempted by these alluring lakes of Kumaon, due to its location on the Himalayan mountain ranges. The maintenance of kumaon lakes whether it is funded or if we talk about its site upkeep is directly under the administration of NLCP.

Now let’s dive deep into the realm of these lakes and learn about some of their interesting facts, their historical and mythical significance, and everything that falls under “Food for thought”. 

Bhimtal Lake: 

Setting amongst the serene viewpoints and packed with mountains from all four sides, this lake has something peaceful attached to its surroundings. That makes everyone who comes to visit it get lost in the pure essence of nature. Seeking its religious significance, the Hindu scriptures say that the lake is named after one of the five Pandavas, Bheem from Mahabharat. Connecting that story, on the banks of the lake, there is an ancient temple, Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva. It is believed that it had been built by Bheem himself during their period of exile. 


    • It is the 2nd largest lake in terms of surface area and offers activities like zorbing, and pedal boating. 

    • Hot air balloons and paragliding are two other playful activities here. 

Naini Lake:

The lunar-shaped lake that is popularly known as Naini Lake is amidst seven hills in Nainital. Not only the mundane people but also the writers and poets fail to justify its beauty. The vistas from the lake’s point of view are so mesmerizing. Those who come here must go for a boat ride in the lake or visit would be called incomplete. The Naini tal is further subdivided into two divisions, the northern part of the lake is called Mallital whereas the southern part is called Tallital


In the City of Lakes, this Nakuchiatal is another popular Kumaoni lake. It is the deepest lake of all. Interestingly the water in the lake has been procured through an Underground Spring and the spring is perennial (everlasting). So the lake offers Spectacular views and such a nice aura one gets by strolling aside the lake. 

Religiously, the Hindu Beliefs suggest that a person should perform a Parikarma on the lake to attain the blessings of the Lord Brahma. Basically, the Naukuchiatal means ‘The Lake of Nine Corners’. So several beliefs say whoever can see all the nine corners at one time, can attain Nirvana (Moksha). There is also a famous escape festival held in May month where one can take part.

Sattal Lake: 

It is set among the dense view of oak and pine trees. Sattal is a cluster of seven beautiful lakes that lie close to each other. These seven special lakes are,  Ram Lake, Lakshman Lake, Nal Damyanti Tal, Hanuman Lake, Bharat Lake, Purna Lake and Garud Lake. One can experience boating in fresh and unpolluted biomes of water here. Other than that, Camping beside the lake, Birdwatching and fishing are some other activities one can indulge in and enjoy, far away from the hustle and can rejoice in nature. 

Ram Lake, Sita Lake, Laxman Lake, Hanuman Lake, and Bharat Lake are the lakes that are named after legendary incarnations of God in the Ramayana period. The creature that carries the Lord Vishnu’s Chariot, Garud dev is the name inspiration of the Garud Lake and was also a character in the Ramayana. 

The Nal Damyanti Lake has a different story that dates back to the Mahabharata Era. There used to be a king named Nala. He drowned in one of these lakes along with his beloved wife Damayanti in his exile given by his brother. Since then, this lake has been known as Nal Damyanti Tal. 

Sariya Tal Lake: 

The heart-shaped Sariya Tal is a human-made Lake made to promote tourism and enhance the beauty of the spot. It is located near Khurpatal on the way to Kaladhungi, sometimes also spelt as Sarita Tal. Alongside the lake, there is a glorious variety of flora and fauna and is an ideal spot for photography and videography. Strolling alongside the lake calms the soul and vacuums your mind from distress. It is such a perfect backdrop for professional photo shoots of raw nature. 

Besides that, Sariya Tal is a must-visit place for researchers and scientists as it also has a botanical garden. That’s a home for lots of herbs and plants and a boutique park, best for every age person. The entry to some part of the garden and a library that is also nearby is paid with an affordable amount of money. 

Khurpatal Lake: 

Based on the Kumaon region, this Khurpa Tal is encircled by tall pine and Cedar trees that deliver the best scenic views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks. The best thing about the lake is that it can be visited at any time of the year and it will be as gorgeous as ever. This freshwater body provides ample opportunity for watching fish in water or for those who love feeding fish as a hobby. The crystal clear water of the lake is what attracts the traveller most, however, there are still a lot of people who are not aware of this natural habitat because it is located in the unpopular town of Khurpatal. 

To come in contact with peace and tranquillity one must come here and experience the best of the real essence of pure air coming from these lofty trees, distant from the hard urban life. There is no entry fee required to admire the beauty that it is. Last but not least this lake is also known as a color-changing lake.

Kumaon Lakes Location: 

If you are from outside of Uttarakhand and want to explore all of these beautiful lakes and their surroundings, then it’s almost impossible that you will have an idea of their locations already. So addressing your zeal to visit here, we are providing you with a simple and easy guide to understand their surroundings. According to us, you must have a rough idea of the locations of lakes to decide your itinerary wisely. 


    • Bhimtal, the second most popular lake of Kumaon is located in the southward direction of Naini Lake. 

    • Bhimtal is itself a small town and lies on the east of Sattal and northwest of Nakuchiatal. 

    • Nakuchiatal is within a few kilometres of Bhimtal and close to Saikhola. 

    • If we look into the locations of Sattal then, some of these lakes are linked, while some are at some distance. 

    • On the west of Sattal, the Purna Tak exists and on the north, the Garud Tal exists. 

    • Khurpatal lies near the Nainital Hill station, and it’s nearby the Moss Garden. 

Nearby Places to visit in Kumaon Lakes: 

When you come to Kumaon to visit these lakes, then of course you’ll wish to visit other nearby tourist places. Hence, we are sharing some of the sites that are within a few kilometres of any of these lakes and consist of enough reasons to make you feel good and warm. 


    • Karkotak Mandir is a Hindu religious site that lies near the Bhimtal Lake. This temple is dedicated to Nag Devta. Among the Hindus, the Nag Devta is worshipped with immense faith. This temple is situated in a comparatively high part of the town and offers a blissful scenic view. Most of the devotees trek to the Karkotak Mandir and seek the blessings of Nag Devta.

    • Sattal Christian Ashram is a spiritual place, which lies on the north of Sattal Lake. This Ashram has a well-architected building and clean surroundings. If you like to visit peaceful places, then you must come here to breathe in fresh and organic surroundings. The Ashram remains open from 9 Am to 5 P.m., so consider your visit during this time period. 

    • Around the Nakuchiatal, there’s an Adventure park, which gives you enough reasons to visit. This adventure park has several unique adventures that you would like to experience.

    • Moss Garden, which is near the Khurpa Tal is a good spot for nature lovers. Especially those, who love plants, must come here to observe the flora of Kumaon. 

Things to do in Kumaon Lakes: 



    • Nakuchiatal has several ducks swimming in the lake. So you can observe these beautiful white ducks with red beaks swimming and playing there.

    • These ducks live in a colony, so you’ll observe many of them together on any corner of the lake. 

    • Along with the Duck watching, you can go for the adventurous water activities in this Nakuchiatal. 

    • Let me tell you the most exciting adventure, that most of the tourists like to do here are Kayaking and Waterbouncing. Both of these activities are full of fun and laughs, especially with your friends. 

Nal Damyanti Tal: 


    • Now, when you reach Nal Damyanti Tal, you will observe a lot of fish in the Lake. 

    • If you are someone connected with animals, then you would love to watch fish. 

    • Besides that, this lake will offer you a noise-free environment, so you can spend quality time with your tripmates here. 

    • Except that, there’s a Lord Shiva statue in golden colour, which is long in height and makes this place spiritual. So you can feel relaxed there. 

    • In addition, there are some swings, which attract the kids. So if you are travelling with your kids, then they would enjoy it here. 



    • Around the Sattal, there are several campsites that offer camping and other unique experiences at a genuine price. 

    • So you can go there and stay in camps to get the feel of the typical Kumaon hills. 

Common things to do:


    • Boating is the most common activity that is available on most of these lakes. So you can do that effortlessly. 

    • Because the lake surroundings are serene and full of natural vibes, you can go for a picnic there. Although all of the lake corners are not open for picnics, so firstly get the information from local people. 

    • Photography is one of the most common activities, that tourists do here. And it’s true that the photographs with lakes, hill views, foggy weather, several trees, greenery, decorated uniquely designed boats, and ducks swimming in the water hit deeply. 


This blog was all about the Kumaon Lakes. Hence, we have tried to provide you with a most relevant and reliable guide to visiting these lakes. We have mentioned the things to do in these lakes in detail so that you can enjoy more in that lovely weather. Apart from these lakes, the Naina Devi Mandir, Nainital Hill station, Mukteshwar and Kainchi Dham are some of the popular sites of Kumaon. If you have a one-week vacation, then you can cover all of these places and collect an uncountable number of sweet and adventurous memories of Kumaon. 

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