Chardham By Helicopter 6 Days

Duration: 6 Days
Deharadun → Yamunotri → Gangotri → Kedarnath → Badrinath → Deharadun

Chardham By Helicopter 5 Days

Duration: 5 Days
Deharadun → Yamunotri → Gangotri → Kedarnath → Badrinath → Deharadun

Chardham By Helicopter 1 Night / 2 Days

Duration: 2 Days
Deharadun → Yamunotri → Gangotri → Kedarnath → Badrinath → Deharadun

Kedarnath – Badrinath By Helicopter

Duration: 2 Days
Deharadun → Kedarnath → Badrinath → Deharadun

Kedarnath – Badrinath By Helicopter Same Day

Duration: 1 Day
Deharadun → Kedarnath → Badrinath → Deharadun

Chardham Yatra Helicopter Timings

Gangotri to Kedarnath 25 Minutes
Yamunotri to Gangoti 25 Minutes
Gangotri to Kedarnath 30 Minutes
Kedarnath to Badrinath 30 Minutes
Badrinath to Dehradun 55 Minutes

Chardham Helicopter Route

Dehradun (Sahastradhara Helipad) → Yamunotri Dham (Kharsali Helipad, 4 km away from Yamunotri Dham, travel by Palki or Poney) → Gangotri Dham ( Harshil Helipad, 20 km away from Gangotri Dham, travel by car) → Guptkashi Helipad (Helicopter will change here ) -> Kedarnath Dham → Return Guptkashi to change Helicopter → Badrinath DhamDehradun(Sahastradhara Helipad)

Chardham Yatra Opening and Closing Dates 2024

Place Open Date Closing Date
Kedarnath NA NA
Badrinath NA NA
Gangotri NA NA
Yamunotri NA NA

Helicopter Packages Highlights

Those who opt for the helicopter package expect the best possible services and the least travel hustle. The helicopter package charges are comparatively higher, so customers feel the need for reassurance about the perks they are going to enjoy on their trip. Therefore, we are revealing our helicopter package Highlights here so that you can analyse in a better way that your expenditure on the Char Dham package is going to be worth it. Check the highlights of the “char dham Yatra by helicopter package” here. 

  • Our helicopter tour packages are designed exclusively for high-class customers. So this package delivers a luxurious and most convenient experience of char dham Yatra
  • Here, we provide you the opportunity to get char dham darshan through VIP modes. 
  • Your safety and security at each step would be ensured.
  • The helicopter package travelers get the best accommodation on a preference basis. 
  • Our management team will pay special attention to time punctuality. 
  • These were some of the helicopter package Highlights; if you are interested in getting complete information about the package inclusions and exclusions, then please go through our Package Inclusions section. 

Chardham Helicopter Package Inclusions:

While registering and investing money for the package, individuals face the brainstorming of many queries regarding the package inclusions and perks. We understand your concern completely; as well as we believe in transparency with our customers. Therefore, we have unveiled everything our package includes or excludes in brief. We intend to promote the freedom of choosing the best out of many to our customers. 

What services you are going to utilise in your char dham yatra with our helicopter tour package are mentioned here. 

  • Accommodation: According to the itinerary, wherever your night stay is scheduled, you’ll get a hygienic and comfortable stay. 
  • Meal: Our package includes your breakfast and dinner meal. All of our meals would be pure vegetarian food. 
  • Transport: In the helicopter package, you’ll get air tickets for scheduled journeys and cab services for locals whenever necessary. 
  • The package cost will already include the standard charges of toll tax, cab driver salary, and fuel bill. 
  • Darshana: Along with Darshana of Char Dham deities, if you want to offer any special worship, then we can make it possible by consulting with the temple management in charge. But we are not sure about the response of the temple management team, so please don’t be assured of that. 
  • Sightseeing: Other than Char Dham temples, whatever special places you’ll witness while on a cab journey, we’ll offer sightseeing. On your request, our driver can pause for a few minutes to let you enjoy the serenity of Devbhumi Uttarakhand. 

Package Exclusions

The services we are not providing in our packages are mentioned below. To avoid any misunderstanding, kindly go through that sincerely. 

  • Accommodation Exclusions: Due to the demand-supply crisis in the upper Himalayan topography, You may not get a single occupancy room for your stay. However, we’ll ensure your privacy and security while allocating the hotel room. Most of the tourists find sharing a room with their tour mates comfortable. 
  • Meal Exclusions: Lunch and snacks are not included in the package. 
  • Our package will exclude the expenses of local comfort such as Horse, pony, and palki. 
  • Any personal expenses are not included in our package. 
  • Laundry and similar personal care services are excluded under the Char Dham Yatra Helicopter package. 
  • Last but not least, our package doesn’t include any kind of travel or medical insurance. 

Disclaimer for bad weather

We all are familiar with the fact that upper Himalayan topography has some weather conditions. Low temperature, fog, heavy rainfall, snowy winds, snowfall, landsliding, and high altitude issues are the main challenges faced by travelers. Our intention is not to scare you; despite that, we want to expose you to the real char dham Yatra challenges. So that you can prepare your mindset for keeping patience during bad weather situations, here are some of the disclaimers for bad weather points you need to go through. 

  • Land sliding issues are often observed in the upper Himalayan yatra, so if you witness such a situation, please be relaxed and polite; don’t panic. 
  • Due to landsliding, road jams are common, so don’t freak out. You have to face the delays due to jams. Once the road is cleared, our driver will make sure you reach your destination safely. 
  • If there’s heavy rainfall, then we must have to take some pauses during the trip. Kindly bear with that. 
  • The network connectivity is not very smooth at high altitudes, so if you’re unable to reach out to our team at any moment in the yatra, stay calm and keep trying to connect with us. 
  • Although we’ll provide the customized itinerary before your trip flies off, if we have to modify the itinerary and extend the trip due to weather uncertainties, please cooperate with us. 
  • Last, Our team will value your safety and welfare during the yatra. We’ll try our best to make you experience the memorable char dham Yatra. 

Weather in Char Dham Yatra

The climate conditions of Chota Char Dhams of Uttarakhand are extreme. The temperature usually lies between -7°c and 15°c. During winter, the atmospheric temperature falls below 0°c, and the weather conditions become very harsh. The heavy snowfall blocks the roads and makes the situation unfavorable for the tourists. Due to these extremities, the Char Dham Yatra remained closed in winter.

However, during the summer, the temperature rises to 15°c sometimes. It’s the best time to experience the divine char dham darshan yatra. In the rainy months of July and August, the temperature remains bearable but heavy rainfall causes landslides frequently. 

What to wear during Chardham Yatra

The cold atmosphere of high altitude is quite harsh, so you may need to be cautious about saving yourself from the cold and stay healthy there. Here are some of the tips on what to wear. 

  • You should wear woolen socks and waterproof shoes to cover your soles. 
  • Cover your palms with woolen gloves. 
  • Wear the thermal inner top and bottom. 
  • Along with that thermal inner, you may wear multiple layers of woolen clothes to save yourself from the cold atmosphere. 
  • A waterproof and gas jacket above all sweaters so that snowfall or rainfall cannot wet your clothes. 
  • Similarly, the waterproof bottom also. 
  • Cover your head and ears adequately with the fleece cap or muffler.
  • A face mask will save your face and skin from snowy winds.  

Health Advisory

Here are some of the health advisory guidelines for tourists at high altitudes. 

  1. The tourists must know their health history and condition before planning the trip to high altitude. 
  2. One should intake enough fluids to stay healthy.
  3. Eat enough to keep you energized. Additionally, you can have snacks frequently to enhance your energy level. 
  4. You should avoid smoking, alcohol, and other intoxication at high altitudes. 
  5. If you start feeling dizzy, heavy breathing, and nausea, then don’t over-exhaust yourself. Take some breaks, and still, if these symptoms are not reducing then you must consult the nearest doctor. 
  6. You should keep checking your health during the trip. 
  7. Additionally, you should pay attention to the health of your tour mates as well. 


High Altitude Do’s and Don’ts

Tourists traveling to high altitudes must be cautious and alert to certain facts. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for tourists at high altitudes. 


  1. One should drink enough water and keep the body hydrated; it will relieve digestive discomfort at high altitudes.
  2. It’s good to have meals that your body can get enough energy. 
  3. Before planning a high-altitude trip, one should be completely assured about one’s health. 
  4. The senior citizens should consult with their family doctors before the trip begins. 
  5. It’s recommended to keep a first aid box with luggage. 
  6. You should pack the general medicines for motion and high altitude sickness with your luggage.
  7. Pack enough woolen clothes. 
  8. Don’t overpack the luggage very much. Otherwise, you’ll need help while traveling. 


  1. Do not exhaust your energy to the most at high altitudes. Whenever you feel tired, take some rest and then proceed further. 
  2. If you are suffering from asthma or other similar disease, then you must be very careful about your health issues at high altitude. Don’t forget to consult with your regular doctor before the trip. 
  3. Don’t forget to include nausea medicines in your first aid box. 
  4. You should not take your sleep for granted. Take proper sleep whenever you get time. 


Are tourists allowed for the Char Dham Yatra now? 

Due to extreme climate conditions, the Char Dham Yatra remains open for only about six months for the pilgrims. Usually, yatra is allowed from last April to mid-November. From November onwards to April, it remains closed. Therefore, It would be wise to check out the opening and closing times of Chota Char Dham Yatra before planning your trip. 

What is the best time for Char Dham Yatra? 

May and June are the best months to go on Char Dham Yatra. During these months, char dham Yatra remains open for all, and the atmospheric temperature rises slightly compared to other months. In a nutshell, the atmospheric conditions become feasible for pilgrims. 

Is registration required for Char Dham Helicopter Yatra 2024? 

Yes, you should pre-register yourself for the Char Dham Yatra. Due to the high number of tourist inflow, there’s a supply-demand crisis in Uttarakhand at peak tourism time. So you should register yourself and your tour mates to avoid unnecessary last-minute stress. 

How to register for Char Dham Helicopter Yatra? 

It’s a very simple process; you just have to visit our web page. There, you’ll find a variety of char dham packages. From there, you can choose whatever package is compatible with your requirements and click on the book package. Once you pay the advance charges, we’ll connect with you and guide you in every step till the end. 

How can I go to Char Dham Yatra? 

You can go to Char Dham Yatra by bus, train, and helicopter. Due to critical terrain, the train is not accessible to the upper Himalayan region, so you have to opt for the bus after Haridwar or Dehradun. If you want to go on a budget-friendly char dham Yatra, then you should choose the bus package, but if you prefer luxury, then helicopter packages are for you. 

What is the price of a Chardham Yatra by helicopter price? 

The char dham Yatra by helicopter package price varies according to the time duration you choose. We have various helicopter packages like 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, etc. So, on the basis of time duration and other amenities you choose, it will affect the price of your package. If you want to know the exact budget, then please contact us through call, WhatsApp, or contact / query form on our website.


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